10 New Imagination Worksheets

Over in the School Owners program Dacha is doing a 30 Day Animals challenge. Β She asked for a few new imagination worksheets so I thought you might like them too. Β VIP owners can download them here.

Ninja Tip: Β If you’re not a VIP owner yet, Β get your Teacher’s Set and you’ll be a VIP too πŸ™‚

What are imagination worksheets?

If you’ve not used them before they are a great way to boost creativity in your class and are a fantastic alternative to traditional worksheets. Β  Instead of a blank canvas, you start with a task or a piece of a picture and it is amazing to see how the kids complete them.

They can also be super useful when you come to teach writing. Β 

You have lots of sheets in the main imagination sheets download:

Plus I also did a whole bonus edition to cover the latest Genki English lessons Β ( including a few that haven’t been released yet πŸ™‚ )Β 


Be genki,




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