7 New Lessons Added to Genki English Online! (Future, Past, Adjectives etc.)

Some great news this morning – we just added the 7 latest “sneak peek” Genki English lessons to Genki English Online!Β 

Your students should all have access when they log in this morning – whether they are on the “Teacher Pays” option or the Teachable “Student Pays Option”!

The new lessons are:

  • She has / He has ….. Β + adjectives
  • Past Tense: Β  Did I …. Β +
  • Do you want / need / have / like / love etc.
  • Future Tense: Β What will you do? Β I will ….
  • Growth Mindset: Β Baby Steps
  • Growth Mindset: Β Jar of Awesome
  • “Have you got” options for “Do you have any pets?” and “How many do you have?”

Plus the demo version of Goldilocks Part 1 for learning “Too big/small/hard/soft etc.” and “Just right”

They’re going to open up a whole new set of language for your kids and of course Genki English Online is by the far the most fun and genki way of learning online right now, whether to back up your online lessons (live online class + genki software before/after is an unbeatable combination!) or to flip your existing real life classes. Β  Β Most Genki teachers couldn’t imagine teaching without the kids having access to Genki English Online at home so I hope this helps you even more!

And of course if your students are not on Genki English Online then get in touch and try it now, it will make your life soooooo much easier when the kids can access the software at home!

Be genki,



P.S. Β  And if you are online again this month, Β I just put up a new article in the VIP Facebook Group – you are doing an AMAZING job compared with how most teachers are doing online!!!! Β And of course using Genki English Online is a huge part of that – thank you for all you are doing for the students who are stuck at home!!



Richard Graham

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