And the winner is …

Thank you for such an amazing response to CD10 yesterday. Β It was not only great to have such stress relief from you all testing it so thoughougly, but also seeing all the really nice comments was really great!

For those of you who didn’t get in the beta test in time I’ll hopefully have a download version to purchase next week and the physical CD and student packs should be out in 3 weeks time!

Finally for today the winner of the blog comment competition for August and September were Nena and Margit. Β  Now I don’t think I need to guess which CD you would like!

The competition is open again this month, Β I pick one comment at random and you win your choice of Genki English CD! Β The more you comment, the more chance you have to win…

Richard Graham

Hello, I'm Richard Graham. And when I was a kid I found school to be sooooo boring... So I transformed my way of teaching. I listened to what the kids were really wanting to say and taught it in ways they really wanted to learn. The results were magical. So I'm sharing it all with you now...

10 Responses to “And the winner is …”

  1. Margit


    thank you so much! I jumped out of my chair, when I saw the note this morning. Of course I’ll go for CD10.

    And Nena, congratulations too!
    This was another surprise for me, to see my name next to yours, because my absolutely favorite singer when I was a teen was NENA. I had my room full of real size pictures and stuff. Meanwhile this name is more common, I guess, but for me that’s still my association with the name.

    So let’s celebrate!

  2. Necla Ozmen

    It is easy to learn English through singing and visual as Genki English. I wish, this system may be learning at intermediate and advanced English.

  3. Flossy

    Congratulations to Margit and Nena!!

    (Margit – I thought you might like to know that Nena was on the RTL breakfast show, just this morning, promoting her new album!!! what a coincidence!!)

  4. Margit

    Thank you Flossy,

    How funny! So she is still doing new stuff?!

    This has been a pretty weird day, full of coincidences. I’m so full, that I hardly noticed it’s been pouring like crazy all day. My kids wet socks woke me up.

  5. Carol

    Congratulations you two!!

    Hey Flossy, nice new picture!

  6. Sevy28

    Congratulations to both of you.
    I’d love to win as genki’s songs ans games are loved by my children at school.

  7. nena

    Wow! It’s great…I’ve never won anything before!

    How funny I didn’t know there was a singer called Nena..I looked it. Nena means baby girl in spanish …and it’s what my family calls me.

    Anyway thanks again to everyone…and ofcourse I’ll go with the CD10 that I absolutly love.


  8. Bernie

    Richard its great to hear about new ideas for Christmas. We would like to have some non Santa Claus, non gingerbread ideas if possible. Our reality is about ‘mules and donkeys’; merengue and bachata; rice and beans; chicken and pork at Christmas; We do not have gifts or wrapping paper. We are Cristian and know Jesus.
    I want to think that perhaps the reality of your new venture to India may have some similarities. Is there a way to include songs and activities for these.
    Is this not a great Genki challenge!!!
    I like your work very much Richard.

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