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Deleted it all

Did quite a bit of recording and stuff today. Then trashed it all as it wasn’t genki enough! I can’t put the name “Genki English” on something that isn’t 100% perfect. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow!

Just do it!

Right, after yesterday not getting anything done, today I just said “Get some work done!!”. So after 3 or 4 hours of emails and admin stuff I was on a bit of a roll and pushed on to producing the mini lessons for the phonics CD. I’ve got so many ideas floating in my head…

Getting rid of..

If there was one thing to get rid of that would make this World a better place it would be procrastination! I spent all day doing stuff today, but got absolutely nothing to show for it! Hmmm… gotta get some genkiness back!

Chugakkou gets funky

Today’s was my day off, so me and my girlfriend drove up to Yamaguchi. That was pretty cool. One of the best things about driving around is that I get to listen to lots of music, and being me I spend all my time pulling it apart, seeing how it ticks and learning new stuff….

Fukuoka ACET and Lots and Lots of internet work

Today was the meeting of one of the best groups of teachers in the country, ACET in Fukuoka. They are just such a great bunch of people, and I figured I’d just pop along to see a teaching workshop from the teachers’ side of things! And it was really great, I got a ton of…


Things have certainly changed in 7 years. When I first arrived people went mad over an English bar of chocolate. Now in Fukuoka they have a Costco, and it’s identical to the one in Leeds!!! It was fantastic. And of course the best thing about Costco is the cookies (yep, even in England we call…