Best Halloween Ideas, Songs & Lesson Plans

I know, I know it’s early, but I’ve been having requests! ๐Ÿ™‚

Rather than simply teach Halloween vocab (which I do have here), the road I take is to use all the Monster Magic Power to teach, or re-teach, the most popular English topics.

It really helps the bright kids see how the English can be used in different situations, and helps the slower kids get a great review. ย It’s also lots of fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

So we have Halloween colours, body parts, prepositions (under, on, in etc.), “What do you want to be?“, rooms of the house etc. ย which balance out with the corresponding “regular” lessons.

As you’ll notice many of these are in the new Genki English Vol. 12, which you can get on its own (with VIP discount!), or it’s actually on offer for free with the Download Pack at the moment too!
Top Genki English Halloween Lessons

The Original:ย Happy Halloween
Song + Picture Cards

Target English: Halloween words
+ “Look, there’s a ….”
Trick or Treat Song
(Cute & Very Scary Versions!)
Target English: Halloween Phonics
Newย Haunted House Song.
Who is … + rooms of the house
Skeleton Soup Body Parts + “Give me your ….”
Where is the spider?
Very cute Under, on, in etc.
Not jobs, but “What do you
want to be for Halloween?”

The traditional Halloween
Apple Bobbing
New:ย Let’s make a monster!
Numbers & body parts!
Not quite Halloween, but for
dressing up try theย 
Treasure Adventure Lesson
… or Pirates with the Coloured Beards!
… theย I am a robot song.

Halloween Themed English Practice Games

Ask the Dragon.
(Reported Speech)

Funky Mummy Game
( Body Parts)

Hallowe’en Imagination Worksheets

VIP Members Exclusive: Great as an extra activity and getting the kids to think outside the box!

Hallowe’en Spot the Difference Quizzes

Here’s a great Hallowe’en “Spot the difference quiz

Halloween Masks
VIP Members can also download these amazing Halloween masks to go with theย Trick or Treat Song.ย@Designed by Gaz.

And the stickers…


Plus more games part way down the main Halloween page!


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