Can you get all 273 points before May 30th?

UPDATE: Β We’ve extended access to the site until May 30th!

Thank you so much to everyone for your kind comments to the Genki English Online post the other day.

It is amazing to see the site has been used in 97 so countries so far, which is quite crazy.

Now, if I had had more time (and a much bigger budget!) one of the things I would have loved to do would be to “gamify” it.

This basically means you add in a lot of gaming techniques from the video game world that make the material both more addictive and more fun for the students.

For example right now on the site your students can access any of the lessons right away. Β  Β This works great for teachers, but for kids this leads to the “paradox of choice” where, counter intuitively, they would use the material a lot more if they had access to less of it at once.

Ideally I would have loved to make it like Angry Birds, Β where only one “world” (lesson) at once is unlocked and to get to the next world (lesson) you have to either learn all the words, learn the song or indeed beat the computer game for that world. Β  Or if you’re an over achiever you’d want to do all 3 πŸ™‚

Obviously one of the downsides of giving away access to Genki English Online for all students in the world means that we don’t have any development budgets to put this sort of expensive system into place for the online version.

However we can play it “old school” ….

So I’ve produced a gamified pdf for VIP teachers and your students.

It’s just like I described above, Β every time they learn the words, learn the song or beat the computer game for a particular world (lesson) then get to colour in that star on the sheet!

So …. there are 273 points available, Β can your students get all of them before April 30th?


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