Here’s a really simple and fun Christmas game!

1. Play some Christmas music as the kids dance around the classroom.

2. Β Stop the music.

3. The kids have to shout out the question you want to practice, Β “What would you like for Christmas?” is a great one or “What can you see?” or “What do you have?” etc.

4. You then shout out a Christmas object from the Genki Christmas or Let’s decorate the tree lessons e.g. I’d like a Christmas tree, I can see Santa, I have a candle etc.

5. Β The kids all have to repeat the word/phrase & make their bodies into this object and FREEZE!

6. Β if anyone moves before the music re-starts they are out!

7. Keep going till just 1 child is left πŸ™‚


Enjoy! Β And you can find lots more games on the Christmas page here. Β 

Richard Graham

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