Colours -> Treasure -> Left & Right

As many of you know I’m always looking for new ways to combine different themes together. Β They especially make fantastic ideas for parent’s day plays and parties! Β Allison just sent in this great email for how she did it, it might give you some ideas …

Hi Richard

You don’t know me, but I, along with no doubt hundreds of other ESL teachers around the world, feel I know you – if not just from seeing various shots of you supping from a variety of cups, always looking very smiley and upbeat.

Anyway, enough of that, I just wanted to drop you a line with a bit of feedback. I downloaded your teachers pack last weekend and had a wonderful β€˜pirate theme’ this week.

I teach at a private bilingual school inΒ Italy. The kids are all Italian and I spend the majority of my time with the 4 -5 year olds.

We started the week revising colours which led up to a fab fun time with the Pirates of the coloured beards. We also did an enormous pirate ship with different coloured sails and decorated it with the kids own multi-coloured pirates. This all led very nicely into hunting for treasure and treasure map making, which I combined with the Left, right, forwards , back song and the Mr Bump game and lots of fruity chew sweets (treasure!) being found in strange places.

The kids were so motivated, excited, involved and interested and we all had the most wonderfully successful week. I thank you soooooo much for creating a package of materials and songs that has me tingling with anticipation for the next week’s project!

Thanking you,

Best regards


Richard Graham

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