Kids Paying Attention: Using Genki English in a Computer Lab – CALL

If you’re having problems with kids paying attention, schedule a class in the computer room!

Kids love computers – they instantly light up and often learn more in that one class than they do in a week.

It’s particularly great for the weaker or more “troublesome” kids.

Most computer software can be a little “dry” though and the class can quickly turn into chaos!

So that’s why I originally wrote the Genki English computer games, so that my Junior High kids could make better use of the computer room time – and it just blew their learning through the roof!

(And hence of course these days we use them in every regular lesson too!)

Chaos -> Ready, Steady, Go!

The basic idea is that all the kids race each other playing the Genki English computer game all at the same time. Racing with each other really gets the adrenaline going!

The key though is to establish discipline and a protocol for the classroom.

If you don’t it’s just chaos!

So I’ve done this quick video on the discipline techniques I use in computer room classes:

(Thank you to James from sla for taking the video!)

Cool, what do I need?

The regular  Download Pack is for use on one machine at once so you’ll need a “site license” to use the software in the computer room.

The price of the license is very low compared with other computer packages, and the computer teachers will have a PC budget, so it shouldn’t need to come from the English one.

Make the teacher happy!

Most computer teachers are always in search of a great programme that links in with other subjects, and are really happy when you introduce Genki English.

That’s because it helps them get bigger budgets for next year!

It’s also one of the reasons the Tanzania project has taken off so well, because we’re actually using the computers to achieve learning outcomes, rather than just using computers for computers’ sake.  So it’s easy for the computer teachers to justify spending more on new machines.

They tend to like that! 🙂

Plus until September 30th there is also reduction in the prices (they’ll go up after that):

10 year license for up to 1000 students in the school: $1,900 US
10 year license for up to 300 students in the school: $1,400 US
10 year license for up to 100 students in the school: $980 US

If you’d like to purchase a license then just get in touch

I’m sure you’ll agree that the pricing is fantastic value, and yes we do follow up on schools that use the materials without permission.

(So if your computer teacher suggests stealing the software & using it without a license, please just remind them how many years and investment it has taken me to make make them for you! Plus it’s probably not worth the bill – or  losing their job – when they get caught! )

For Small Private Schools


If you do small private classes you can also take advantage of the fantastic outcomes of the computer games by just having an extra couple of laptops in class.

Even having just having one extra laptop, so you can have the kids competing in two teams, really makes for a fantastic lesson.   Just follow the same discipline rules as I showed in the video above.

As I also mentioned above the regular Download Pack is for use on one machine at once, but I’ve got a few complimentary “two for the price of one” upgrades if you’d like to try one more machine.

Just get in touch (before they run out!) if you’d like one or if you’d like to order licenses for more computers.

Way of the future!

Computers really are the way of the future, it’s amazing how fast the kids get when you get them on the machines.

And that means you can spend more time on the classroom talking and really using the English.

If you have any questions then do let me know in the comments!

be genki,


P.S. If you want to see for yourself how well the computer games really work, have a look at or Enjoy!

P.P.S.  If you want your students to have the software at home (and gain extra income for your school) then we also have a programme for that too, check it out!

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