Today is another great game which I just found hiding away in my email!

Here’s the Crazy Pizza Game to go with the How many…? theme, from Genki English reader Hump

Crazy Pizza
Target English  How many

This game is a funny practice for “how many” and nice way to get everyone involved. It is a bit more of a sitting down activity but it gets the kids really excited and really genki.

Preparation –

1. Print or draw a bunch of flashcards of pizza toppings
pepperstomatoes mushrooms
i.e tomatoes/sausages/chilies etc

2. Then you need to make crazy toppings
i.e cockroaches, cats, dogs, natto, goya(most kids seem to hate this), lemons etc (or any other theme you want to do, transport pizza?  Animal Pizza?)

3. Put them in a hat and mix them all together.

You also need to make a large paper pizza base, one for each group (lunch groups work well).

The Game…

1. Pick one student from a group to come and choose a topping from the hat. Have the student show the class. The whole class then ask, “How many (cats)?“. The student can then answer from 1-12 (or any range you like)”12 cats”

2. The students in each group have to draw the correct number of toppings on the pizza. If you want to make it a bit more active have this as a race (having everyone stand up works well, the first team to finish can sit down). Kids will often scribble anything to finish first, so it`s a good laugh to judge their artwork as a class between each round

3. Repeat step one and two until the pizza is full.

It sounds a little dry on paper but the kids love it. The more bizarre and odd the toppings the better. You can use any vocabulary you want to review. (fruits, animals, transport)

Thanks for the game Hump! Let’s us know in the comments if you try it out and if any of you have any other great games to share, please send them in!

TOP HINT:  It’s also a great idea in games like this to play the song quietly in the background whilst the kids are colouring and drawing.  They start singing along and memorising the English without realising!

Richard Graham

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5 Responses to “Crazy Pizza Game”

  1. Carol

    Sounds like a really neat game that can be adapted to different levels (how many? numbers/Would you like some, a, an/ quantity a little bit, a few, several, alot. Thanks!

  2. Roger

    thats a cool simple game, thanks

  3. Quynh

    It’s very nice game for kids range 5-6 years old. I will try it fo my classes. Thank you very much for your sharing.

  4. caroline kido

    I`m thinking about using this is my class today, with a twist in the end, with the already drawn pizzas, have the teams start a conversation, practicing 3 questions ” Do you want cat pizza?” then ” Do you like flower pizza?” then finally teaching them “which is your favourite pizza?” cat pizza or flower pizza.

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