Today’s new worksheets are a set of dice for most of the songs. “But most of them have 8 answers, how can they fit on a die?” you may ask. Well most of them are funky 8 sided dice! Many kids haven’t seen 8 sided ones before so get quite a surprise when they are making them up.

You can use them with the Dice Game or for adding a random element to an activity like the Doctor, Doctor game.

As with the other craft-like worksheets they are also great for introducing classroom English such as “cut”, “fold” or “glue” and are very useful in calming a class down. But as with any of the worksheets it is just a bonus activity, the main focus should still be on the song & real life game practice.

Anyway you can find the new dice along with the other bonus worksheets on the right hand side of each songs page.


Richard Graham

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