Disco Warm Up Cards Tweak

handsupDavid just wrote in with a very good suggestion to stop his kids confusing the “stand up” and “hands up” cards in the Disco Warm Up.

He just added some arrows!

A very nice tweak.

You can find the new updated A4 cards and mini cards on the Disco Warm Up page.

P.S. Β Ninja Tip: Β In a regular classroom when kids put their “hands up” they just put up one hand. Β But … when I’m teaching the phrase in the beginning I always get the kids to put both hands up. Β  The cops & robbers feel really makes their day! πŸ™‚

Richard Graham

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  1. Mark Armstrong

    This is an amazing improvement! But now I’ve got to go reprint and re-laminate them. *groan*

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