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I’m in two minds about discussion boards. You have things like the JapanToday.com where every single post is just somebody complaining about something!! It’s always been the case with the net that people who have time to complain do, whereas most people who are getting on with things don’t have time to post so much. On the GE board luckily things seem to be different with a good bunch of people coming up with ideas and discussing lots of stuff. Recently there have been quite a few people using the site to vent, which is fair enough, and the people who do vent off are also usually courteous enough to write balanced comments. But it seems the negativity just breeds more negativity from the people who aren’t so courteous! I had to delete a load of posts today ( not something I like to do), and even the teachers on the Japanese board were coming out with profanities ( glad they didn’t write them on the English board!).

Where’s the positive outlooks? It’s sunshining outside for goodness sake!!!

The funny thing is that whatever board you read, if it’s people living in a different country the complaints always tend to come up as “them and us”. For example, take any of the boards for teachers in say China, and simple substitute the word “China” for “France”, “Korea”, “America” or “Japan” and they’re all interchangeable!

Anyway, back to making a difference, I updated the www.Keikaiwa.com site with some new features. I did that as I saw an article on the ELTnews the other day about how lots of Japanese people were wanting to learn English on their mobile phone. Then did some music work, playing drums really loud always works!

Richard Graham

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