Far too busy and off to Hiroshima

I knew if I took one whole day to do work on CD3 then this morning all my other work would be too much! I have so many things to sort out! Arggh! Plus I haven’t even done all the stuff for the weekend, hopefully everything will run cool but it’s all the admin, sending stuff up there and sorting out things like travel that I just don’t have time for!

So at 3 I rushed off to get the Shinkansen and just had time for a very large Starbucks – I’m going to need to caffeine to work through my backlog!

Eventually I arrived in Miyoshi to stay at the Headteacher’s house ( actually the head teacher of tomorrow’s school is the husband of the head teacher of the school in Hiroshima I went to in April!) had a nice tea and even got chance to play a $5,000 shakuhachi!!

Richard Graham

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