Fukuoka Education Centre, Katakana Quizzes + Korg

One disadvantage of travelling around all the time is that I only get to see my snail mail once or twice a year. Today I got a load and one of them was for the big workshop I’m doing for Fukuoka Prefectural Education Centre (with over 100 teachers!). They wanted my seal on some documents and also an outline of the workshop, and I looked at the date….. today!! Argh!

But it was cool as I rang them up and popped it in myself. It was also good to have a chat with the people there, it seems that Fukuoka is a pretty cool place to be!

Then the rest of the day was spent doing all sorts of stuff, including putting Katakana Quizzes on the GenkiJapan.net site. If you know anyone who wants to learn to read katakana, these quizzes will make it so easy by just playing around on the computer!! Plus they’ll hopefully show native English speaking teachers how effective the phonics quizzes on the site can be! Enjoy!

Oh, and it was a bad idea working in Starbucks today. Right next door there is a music store and they had the brand new Korg Electribe sampler, which sounded so cool I bought it! Mind you I wish I could afford a Korg Triton, now that would be even cooler!

Richard Graham

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