Everyone has been asking & after a lot of hard work we’ve brought it forward….. Β  If your kids are stuck inside all day and want to get a head start with Genki English on their phones or tablet outside class hours ….. check out the brand new Genki English for kids online songs streaming service!

P.S. Β We do also have an affiliate program to help Genki teachers out financially during this time, let me know when you have students ready.



P.P.S. Β This program is for use by students, it doesn’t include permission for teachers to use in paid for classes. For teachers, everything you need to teach Genki English is in the PC/MacΒ Teacher’s Set. Β  Β Thank you for the understanding! Β  Β And if you want the actual software for your students then you Β apply for the Genki English Homework Program branded with your school logo!)