Grammar Games: To do/have be verb negative and past

Donna just sent in this great to teach the past tense of to be, to have in the negative etc. using the “The One Card Game” cards.


This is a bit of extra practice with the verb TO BE and some other verbs.

The cards are printed in the present tense so Β I used the weather/country cards and instead of just reading the text, they have to say simple past of TO BE Β e.g.

“In Korea, it WAS cloudy.” or

“In New Zealand it WAS sunny.”

Next time we did the negative,

“In England, it WASN’T snowy.”

We even used the future:

“In Japan it WILL BE cloudy tomorrow.”

I also used the monkey family food cardsΒ and changed the text using DO. (doesn’t-don’t)

e.g. Instead of “Brother LIKES carrots.”

say “Brother DOESN’T LIKE carrots.”
I used TO HAVE in the negative (doesn’t have -don’t have) with the Β school cards.

This is tricky.

Instead of “I HAVE a ruler.” say “I DON’T HAVE a ruler.”

“She DOESN’T have a pen.”

This would be the American way of saying it.

But here, in Vienna, they teach “have got” so it would be

“I HAVEN’T GOT a ruler.”

“She HASN’T GOT a pencil.”
I played this with about 8-10 kids (2 groups) and I listen in to make sure no one cheats (reads the card text).

Has anyone tried any other games like this?

Richard Graham

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  1. Margit

    Thanks again donna, this is a great enrichment for the Uno games; and for everyone reading the blog, and not the forum:
    You should really check in there, because donna put some more amazing ideas up.
    I played those games yesterday, and they are marvelous.

    Thank you, and please keep them coming!

  2. Nena

    Thanks! great idea! will certainly use it

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