Halloween Storytelling & Halloween Story Dice

Some spooky Halloween storytelling today!

First of all for B1/B2 level there is the Halloween Story Guide on Page 75 of the VIP Storytelling Course Slides:

Ninja Tip: Β I’m thinking of uploading the video training I did for the Storytelling course, Β would that be of use to you? Β Let me know and I’ll see what we can do!

And to avoid the “blank page” syndrome, Β here are some Genki English Dice from the Trick or Treat, Happy Halloween and Where is the spider? lessons to help kickstart the stories – kids LOVE these!!! Β  The kids roll the die then use the ideas in their story.

Enjoy and I look forward to hearing all your spooky – or maybe not so spooky – Halloween stories soon!

Be genki,


P.S. Β  There are also Halloween Pages Imagination worksheets too – these can also be great for kickstarting new stories from kids & adults alike!

Richard Graham

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