Haunted Houses & Extra Pirates

Wow, thanks for all the feedback yesterday – it’s very, very useful and very, very stress reducing!

So here are another couple of questions.

Which colour haunted house do you (or even better your kids) Β prefer?

And what about this new ending for the Pirates with the Coloured Beards song?

Answers in the comments please! Thanks!

Richard Graham

Hello, I'm Richard Graham. When I was a kid I found school to be sooooo boring... So I transformed my way of teaching. I listened to what the kids were really wanting to say and taught it in ways they really wanted to learn. The results were magical. Now I help teachers just like you teach amazing lessons and double your incomes!

16 Responses to “Haunted Houses & Extra Pirates”

  1. Gumby

    Lots of fun pictures. Can’t wait for the final version! For the haunted house I like the one on the bottom left or the one just to the top right of it (purple and green) I can’t know until I see it, but how about adding the yellow (lighted) windows to the purple and green house?

    I am not sure about the ending of the song. It was confusing at first but maybe that is just what the song needs to be memorable? Then again it may be a song that works the first time but gets a bit old after that. Hmmm need to think a bit more on this.

  2. Janet Gray

    I like the last row, the second one in. I really don’t see any difference between that one and the very last one on the right.

  3. Janet Gray

    I couldn’t get any sound on the pirates song.

  4. Daria

    I like purple hounted house with red roof and yellow windows. And also… crazy green house with black windows and red roof… =)

  5. Margit

    This is interesting. I asked my own kids now and they all go for the blue house on the bottom.
    I like the darkness for this topic so I thought there shouldn’t be lights on. REading so many people going for the lighted windows:
    How about a compromise: It might look really haunted house like if there is just 1 or2 lights on(or otherway out)

    Richard, would it be tough to make one window with cracks ?

  6. Flora

    My kids choose the red house with blue roof

  7. Julia

    Well done Janet Gray!

    Richard! You are a great instigator! Thanks for the challenge and fun with houses and beards.

    For haunted house I’d rather choose one of those with black windows (ghosts are afraid of light I think). I myself like the very natural first one or the misterious purple with two strangly dark and puzzlingly framed in yellow windows.

    As for the ending of the song I like it very much. I often do such things in class pretending to have forgotten a word giving kids a chance to use it more consciously.

  8. Joandra

    I liked the last house…but I’m not sure about the ending of the song.Perhaps end the song with an easy catchy word!

  9. Nena

    My choice is bottom row third house (red roof, blue walls). I agree with Margit…Halloween theme should be dark colors…Cracked windows …Great scary touch! maybe yellow cats eyes on the windows????
    Regarding the song…Well I think it gets a bit old and boring in the end…It works well in the beginning! Most of the kids already pick up the names of colors and numbers really quick…thats why I think it gets boring…in the end it’s too repetitive!
    I do like it though it teaches the word beard which is confusing for kids (bird, bear, beer and beard).

  10. Gordon

    My kids all like the purple house 1st on the left on the last row.

  11. Pat

    I like the first row, the last one..purple and red.

    I cannot hear any of the songs you send. I click the box and nothing happens.

  12. Lines RodrΓ­guez Blanco

    I like everyone but I Think the blue house with red roof is the greatest, but they are the colours of my favourite football team, so…

  13. Valentina

    I prefer the top left one.

  14. Dan

    Bottom left. Anything pink appeals to girls in the class especially if they are scared or put off by anything that isn’t cute.

  15. monica

    I like the purple and green house , I suggest to add one or two yellow windows!
    The song is nice: I like it as it has been sung.Bye!Monica

  16. Stephanie

    I like the green and purple house with the green roof. The light blue house is also great.

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