Help Please: What does Santa do?

whatdoessantadoI was hoping to make this a surprise, but… I’m a bit stuck so I thought I’d ask for your help!

What does Santa do?

The music’s done, Alyssa is working on the pictures, but I can’t figure out the verses.

It’s to practice the “He …..s” (third person “s” – a big request) and here’s what I have:

He lands on the roof.
He climbs down the chimney.
He fills all the stockings.
Oh what will he bring me?

(But is the last line too complex grammar wise??)
Then ..

He eats all the cookies.
He drinks all the wine.
He feeds all his reindeer.
And he flies through the sky!

In this one, I’m sure many of you wouldn’t want the “wine” line in there, so is there something else that we can change it to?

Or as Santa seems to drink milk in America, is there a rhyme for “milk” that we could use for the last line?

Or any other random ideas for what Santa does, please do put them up in the comments and hopefully we can get the song to you before the big day!

Be genki,


P.S. Β If you could also vote for me in this Newspaper Christmas song competition I would be so happy!

Richard Graham

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28 Responses to “Help Please: What does Santa do?”

  1. Nena

    Milk rhymes with:
    buttermilk, silk, sleek, slick, stick (pepermint stick)
    I don’t mind the future in the last sentence but you may be able to make it simpler by asking:

    What can he bring me?


  2. Π•ΠΊΠ°Ρ‚Π΅Ρ€ΠΈΠ½Π°

    he hides from me behind the tree
    he shakes off the snow ))

  3. Martin Wenzel

    Wow, a flurry of new Christmas songs, nice!

    I have no problem with the wine other than he drinks milk in U.S.

  4. nigel

    i would say in england he drinks all the milk (although that might have been the reindeer),
    he eats all the pies (kind of rhymes with sky) you would just have to change the order of the eating and drinking.
    other things he does: he laughs with a ho ho ho. he rides on a sleigh, he puts presents under the tree,

  5. Nathalie

    Rhyming with milk is going to be hard. And not very natural. I don’t really like the wine.

    He drinks the milk too
    And we say thank you!!!
    That rhymes.

    He leaves all the presents

  6. Janet Gray

    I definitely would not be able to use the word “wine” in my Christian school. In America it’s tradition to drink or leave “milk”. I can’t help you with a rhymed word.

  7. gumby

    I like Nathalie’s rhyme! I think that if students are ready for the 3rd person, it would be fine to have the What will he bring me? and the
    We say, “Thank you!” (not in 3rd person)
    Or perhaps, “Everyone says Thank you!”
    Can’t wait to see it!

  8. Drew Smith

    Richard, I am sure wine is not the best choice for a song aimed at kids.

    What about;
    He eats some cookies,
    He has a drink.
    He gives us presents
    In wrapping, blue, gold and pink.

    Drew (Fukuoka)

  9. Micki

    He eats all the cookies.
    He cleans his plate.
    He goes up the chimney.
    Santa, don’t be late!
    (Or: Santa Claus, you are great!)

    An earlier verse might go:

    He makes the toys.
    He works all day.
    And then all night
    He rides his sleigh.

    BTW, as others have said, he drinks milk in the US. I’m given to understand he drinks whiskey — at least the somewhat cynical but very fun Father Christmas does.

  10. Dan Bolinger

    He flies all over the sky

  11. Margit

    Seems to be a tot inspiring season for you;

    well, Santa~
    dances ’round the Christmas tree
    rides on the sleigh
    makes children happy

    the last line, how about
    oh what does he bring me?

    Well, I’m probably not too good at this.
    In Germany on Christmas there is no Santa coming but the little christ child angel~and Santa is a scary, well respected man entering the houses through the main door with a big bag not full of presents but to put the bad kids into.
    I don’t like this last part, but I love that Santa comes early December to pick up my letters to Christ child and then have a magical Christmas~even here in Japan it works this way for us~and my kids are long time believers!

  12. Charlie

    He looks after the elves, he mends his sleigh, he laughs “ho ho ho”, and in our house he always drank the sherry and ate a mince pie!!

  13. Charlie

    He also leaves footprints in the snow… which could rhyme with ho ho ho!

  14. Julia

    Hi Richard!

    For the verse 1 the last line: “The big one – for me!”

    For the verse 2 my try:
    “He eats all his cookies,
    He drinks all his drinks,
    He feeds all his raindeer,
    And flies away with clinks!”


  15. Stephen

    Maybe I’m being a bit over simple here but what about ‘he brings all the presents’

  16. Richard

    Wow, you guys are amazing!

    I’ll be in the studio working it out this afternoon, but just to say thanks, here are the pictures so far!

  17. Ivo Stanoev

    He lands on the roof.
    He climbs down the chimney.
    He fills all the stockings.
    With the toys/things he brings me?

  18. sevy28

    He listen to me
    He makes me dream

  19. Mike

    1st verse:
    last line could be “with toys for you and me”
    or maybe could change 3rd line too to give
    “A sack on his back
    Full of toys for you and me”

    2nd verse:
    Assume use “milk”
    last line could be “It happens in a blink (wink?)” or “He does it in a blink” or “He comes and goes in a blink”
    The third line could also be changed to “No one ever sees him” to fit with the last line, though I think you likely have reindeer in there for vocab.

  20. Mari

    How nice to ask us the idea.
    I am really glad if I can help you…

    It is not related to your pictures but
    I have got the idea from “Santa Claus’s
    coming to town”
    How about

    He makes a list.
    He checks the list twice.
    He finds out who is naughty or nice.
    Santa comes to town.
    He sees when you are sleeping.
    He knows when you awake.
    He knows if you’ve been bad or good.
    (↑it is too hard?)

    These are my original

    He loves all kids.
    He knows everything.
    He gets on the sleigh.
    He smiles when he sees sleeping kids.
    He pets the Rudolph.
    He puts on red cloths.

  21. Julie

    Hi Richard!
    Maybe I’m too late…but…

    He drinks some milk
    He eats a snack
    He takes the presents
    From his sack!

  22. Le Hang

    Here are some lines:
    He rides a sleigh
    He laughs ho ho ho
    And I like the idea “He has a sack, on his back, full of toys for you and me

  23. Richard

    Just a quick update, however I set up the studio to record this song, every single time it crashed! So let’ s keep it as a surprise for next year – I think you’ll like it!

    Merry Christmas!

  24. Mari

    Merry Christmas to you, all.
    I’ve just done my job as a Santa Clause.
    Ho Ho Hoο½žβ˜†

    Good night!!!

  25. Oksana

    Hello, Richard!
    I hope it’s not too late to present my idea for the last line in this song. I think a good idea would be :

    He brings the presents for me…

    Anyway this song will be great !

    One more offer. I’m in a strong need of a song about Householding chores. May be this topic is also good for practicing the 3rd person singular.

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from Ukraine!

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