Help Please! What would you call this course??

The name of your course is really important! ย  ย With Genki English I went with “Genki” because it means “fun, exciting & full of life!”

However the other day with Mayumi’s amazing TV appearance I caused a bit of confusion by talking about adult students and my “Genki Business” course at the same time!

Mayumi’s video was all about teaching regular non-business beginner adult students using Genki English, but a lot of people thought “Genki Business” was about teaching Business English.

Now we do have a big Business English project in the works (and Kyiv has just made English the default business language which is huge for Ukraine!) but that is a different project!


So I need a better name for the course!

The idea is to get rid of the idea of a “starving teacher” ย – teachers should be paid like the rockstars they are! ย  ย  ย After I saw so many teachers struggling to buy my materials, ย I wanted to share all the pricing, marketing, and student recruitment ideas that I saw the most financially secure teachers using.

So I made this course, ย taught it around the world in Asia and Europe, got some amazing success ( a lot of teachers made a lot of money and got their lives back!) and decided to launch it online so everyone could get access.

Originally I called it the Double Your Teaching Income” courseย because that was my goal for everyone who joined.

We first tried “double your income” – but then some teachers went on to triple theirs!

The problem was that after the first year we had some teachers go on to triple their incomes!

So I thought we’d better go bigger!! ย So the next idea I tried was ….

10x Your Teaching Income – But nobody reached this goal! ย (Yet!) ย We have had people 10x their hourly rate (much to their delight!) but not 10x their total teaching income. ย  So we’re maybe not quite there yet! ย It is the aspiration though!

Plus the course was about so much more than just increasing income. ย It was all about attracting the right students ( and parents!) so the job itself became so much more fun, with more time off, much better results for the kids as well as the teacher earning more money.

So after seeing the other positive effects of the course we tried calling it “Double your teaching impact!

We also tried “double your impact” but most teachers did also really want the increased income!

That one didn’t work!! ย Nobody really knew what “impact” really meant and, as most teachers were telling us, they really did also to need to increase their incomes and didn’t realize that’s what the course was for!


So then we thought about “Launch your school” ย but as many freelancer teachers in the program said “We don’t have schools! ย And we don’t want a school – freelancer is better!” ๐Ÿ™‚


So …….. could you help think of a better name for this course? ย I’m sure you can think of one!! ย  ย It has to encapsulate all the ideas above and also reflect the results the teachers who put in the work get, i.e. ย teachers getting more students, better students ( better is better than more!), pricing confidence, marketing, more free time etc. etc.

If you need help there’s a full description of the actual contents of the course here.ย 

And there’s a video here:


Plus of course I do have an ulterior motive!! ย I want to spend more time making more cool materials so more kids get a great education. ย That’s what I love doing. ย  ย And materials are very expensive to make (and even more expensive to keep updated when Apple and everyone changes their systems every year!)

So …. when I increase or double or more, your teaching income then hopefully you’ll want to spend some of that extra on the Genki English materials! ย ๐Ÿคž

That gives us a win-win all round, ย you get more income, your family gets more time with you, I get to enjoy making more cool stuff and the kids get a way better education!!

All I need now is a better name for the course!!!

Let me know your ideas!

Be genki,





Richard Graham

Hello, I'm Richard Graham. When I was a kid I found school to be sooooo boring... So I transformed my way of teaching. I listened to what the kids were really wanting to say and taught it in ways they really wanted to learn. The results were magical. Now I help teachers just like you teach amazing lessons and double your incomes!

4 Responses to “Help Please! What would you call this course??”

  1. Sophie

    How about something like “Find your best teach/life balance” course?

  2. Vicky

    “Aim for Success”
    “ELT Business Development”
    “Maximize Your ELT Income Challenge”

  3. Bianca

    What about Genki Gains?
    All about the win-win scenario. Gain time, better income, better work-life balance, etc.

  4. Ivana

    Teach Smarter to Max Your Income Toolkit, or
    Teach Smarter to Max Your Income Course
    (resembling the phrase ” do not work harder, work smarter”)

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