How long does it take to get to B2 level in English?

Today’s question from parents on the Genki English Social Media Calendar was “How long does it take to get to B2 level in English?”

Hopefully this video will give you some ideas on how to answer it on your channels!


P.S. Notice how you should use framing here. If you say something will take 300 hours, no one will do it. But if you reframe it with the 10,000 hours first, then 300 seems like only a little! Similarly with pricing, when you see the Teacher’s Set at $500 you might think β€œblimey!” but then when you show how it can earn you an extra $10,000Β you’d feel silly saying no πŸ™‚

Richard Graham

Hello, I'm Richard Graham. When I was a kid I found school to be sooooo boring... So I transformed my way of teaching. I listened to what the kids were really wanting to say and taught it in ways they really wanted to learn. The results were magical. Now I help teachers just like you teach amazing lessons and double your incomes!

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