How to Upgrade your Genki English CDs – Time Sensitive!

UPDATE:  This offer is now finished, thank you to everyone who took part!


I know that those of you who have the CD Teacher’s Set have been looking on in envy as I updated so many of the Download Pack themes over the last year.

For example, I’ve added fantastic new graphics, better sounds and in some cases narrated picture books and extra computer games for  food, fruits, drinks, jobs, rocket launch, adjectives, months (with a new 1st, 2nd, 3rd song!),  How are you? with Baby Monkey, Baby Rabbit Family, sports, Disco Warm Up with Monkeys and Bears etc. etc. … and many more.

I'm thirsty I'd like some food... What sports do you play? How much?

I think you’ll agree they are pretty cool! 🙂

Of course it’s not possible to physically update the CDs you have, and I’m sure most of you wouldn’t want to have to re-buy the CDs you already own as a download (although I do know that many of you have and of course that’s how car or phone companies do things when they bring out something new!)

So I’ve come up with something I think you might like …

(Some of the new fruits!)

Only till Friday October 12th!

UPDATE:  This offer is now finished, thank you to everyone who took part!

So here’s the deal….  if you have all 12 volumes on CD, then send me an email before Friday October 12th and if you are one of the first 100 to do so, I’ll send you, completely free of charge, a complimentary full download pack upgrade!

Now there are rules, and a lot of people have actually rebought the full download pack just to get these updates so might not be too happy about this (please forgive me!) so…

1.) The offer only stands till Friday October 12th (it’s a lot of work to do this and I don’t want to take up more than a week!)

2). There are only 100 of them ( it does cost me money for hosting and sending such large files)

3)  And … you must have ordered directly from me i.e. I must have your email address on my computer. If your school bought the CDs for you, you’ll have to ask them to buy the latest downloads, schools have large computer budgets and this offer is just to help individual teachers!

Is that OK?

So send me an email, telling me when you bought your 12 CDs (or mixture of CDs and downloads) with your email address and I’ll send you a full Download Pack pack complete with all the new updates.


(You’ll get the whole new set of sports animations! )

What if I have 11 or less CDs?

I’ve been thinking about this too.

The full Download Pack contains all 12 volumes, and it would be too difficult to make versions up to vol. 11, another for vol. 10, another for vol. 9 etc.  (Each one is nearly a GB in size so they’d all take up a lot of space.)

So, here’s the deal….  if, for example, you have bought all the CDs up to vol. 11, then if you email me and then buy the vol. 12 download (there is a VIP discount!) then I’ll complimentary upgrade you to the *full* download pack. So you not only get the new vol. 12, you also get all the updates for all the other CDs you own!  Plus you also get all the phonics games which are included too.

This too is a pretty big offer, so I’m not going to limit it by number, but I will be only offering it till again Friday October 12th (as it is going to be a lot of work for me to administer!)  Same rules as above apply about having originally bought it directly from me etc.

(Update: the free beta tests downloads I won’t be able to include in this.  If you did have say the vol. 11 or vol. 12 beta tests, then just treat those as a year or two free rental.  Is that OK?)

Similarly if you have bought all the CDs up to vol. 10, then email me and then if you purchase the vol. 11 and vol. 12 before Friday, I’ll complimentary upgrade you to the full download set!

I’m happy to do this right up till vol. 6 e.g. if you have CDs up to vol. 6, email me, buy the downloads for vols. 7, 8, 9 , 10, 1112 and I’ll upgrade you to the full pack.

If you have less CDs than this then email me and I’ll work something out for you.

(I think your kids might like new Baby Monkey version of “How are you?” )

How dare you!

I know I’m going to get lots of hate mail from people saying “How dare you CHARGE for this!!!!!!!!!!”  but as I mentioned above, when you buy a new car, you don’t get a free update to your old car, so it is actually a pretty sweet deal.

Basically I just want you all to be able to take advantage of not only the brilliant new themes – seriously vol. 12 is the best yet! – but also to get all the amazing upgrades to the older themes that I’ve been working on so hard for the past year.

If you have any questions, then please ask them in the comments, and please do email me before you buy any upgrades just so I can double check that I have your original purchase details.

I’m sure you are going to *LOVE* the new updates, so email me before Friday!

Be genki,


(And you’ll be getting the new “What do you do?” animations! Do you like the new dentist?)

P.S.  If you have bought the Download Pack, no need to worry about this,  you can download all the upgrades here!

UPDATE: If you have bought the Download Pack after August this year you already have all the latest updates!

P.P.S.  If you have any friends who have bought the Genki English CDs and would be interested in this, please do let them know about the offer before Friday.  Not everyone gets these emails so if you could tell them about it it would be a huge help!  Thank you!

Richard Graham

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5 Responses to “How to Upgrade your Genki English CDs – Time Sensitive!”

  1. Martin

    I think it’s a very generous offer considering all the work that goes into the genki units.
    I bought the download pack in 2009 when I started my small academy and the trouble I have is in keeping up with all the new stuff that keeps coming out.

  2. James

    Hey Richard,

    I agree this is a really sweet deal. I purchased your 10CD set nearly two years ago and I took advantage of your free test downloads of Vol.#11 and #12. I am really interested in taking advantage of your newest deal. How do we proceed form here?

  3. richard

    Glad you like it! Shoot me an email and I’ll get all sorted out! 🙂

  4. marie

    Hello Richard,

    I am sad that I haven’t received an email about this offer before your deadline.

    I think I have CDs 1-8 only.

    May be this coming December you will have this offer again. I am crossing my fingers to that!

  5. richard

    Hi Marie,

    I don’t think I’ll be offering it again with all the work it was last week! 8)

    But send me an email, you might catch me in a good mood! 🙂

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