I wrote this message up on a forum the other day, but figured you might find it useful as well:

Another idea is to mix it in with the “Doctor Doctor” game.
1. The kids “rock, paper, scissors“.
2. The loser rolls a body parts die (it’s part way down the right hand side of the page)
3. The loser then says “Doctor, Doctor my… (body part from the die) hurts”.
4. The winner of the rock, paper, scissors then wraps this body part on the loser with toilet paper.
5. Continue from part 1 until someone is totally mummified!

Another good one is a variation on the “Pink Fish” game.

1. Give the kids 3 or 4 dice that can be used in a sentence e.g. colour, adjectives and animals.
2. The kids roll the three dice and say the sentence that appears e.g. I like big, pink fish.

It’s more fun if you put the dice at either ends of the classroom so they have to run to roll them. It really helps get sentence word order stuck in their heads!

But you can pretty much use picture dice for any game where you need a bit of randomness. Even something really simple like throw 6 dice up in the air and the quickest person to say all the top pictures wins.Even more points if they can use them in a sentence.

One of the other forum members, Kiwione, also put up the idea of using the face parts dice for the Make a Face game. That sounds like a great idea too.

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