Shoes, Fortnite & Movie Trailer Music: Why Genki English isn’t your average “kiddy music” & keeps the teacher cool :)

I’ve had quite a few people who’ve seen the dramatic movie trailer music I’ve recently produced (and the DC Stargirl scoring I did last week) and saying

 “I didn’t know you composed & produced music too!”

The thing is, this is what makes Genki English different.

These aren’t your average “kiddy songs” you find for free on Youtube.

The same techniques that I use in writing movie trailer music,  where we have to “sell” the movie to the audience, are exactly the same techniques I use when writing the Genki English songs in order to “sell” English to the students in a completely over the top and cool way.

It’s the same techniques used in advertising music where companies use music to get you addicted to a product,  I use the same ideas when I write and produce the Genki English music to get the kids addicted to English and the new English phrases stuck in their heads.

Shoes, Fortnite & Tom Cruise?

Genki English makes you cool 🙂

  • A few years ago a famous shoe company ( Camper shoes) used one of the Genki language learning songs in their TV ads as they wanted to use the Genki energy to sell shoes.
  • The online game Fortnite used the backing music from the Genki Disco Warm Up in their disco updates a few years ago.
  • Plus of course Tom Cruise’s co-star in the Last Samurai,  Koyuki, was also using the Genki English “How are you?” song in her TV Show.

Genki English isn’t your average “kiddy songs” music.   I write and produce the Genki songs with all the same skills and techniques I use for all the other music productions I do.

If you haven’t already,  give it a try in your classes and add some of that movie level energy,  I think you’ll be surprised at the results! 🙂

Be genki,


P.S.   Yes, I will be back to writing more Genki English songs very soon.  The movie trailer music projects have just kept me a little busy this year!


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