New Game: Bunny Hopping

Here’s another game from Mido.

Again you can use it for any topic you happen to be teaching e.g. Days of the Week, Do you have any pets? etc.

1. Put some flashcards in a row in the middle of the floor.
2. Call 2 students to stand on either side of the row.
3. Students shout out today’s question. You say “sorry?” a few times to get them to say it louder, then finally you shout out one answer.
4. The kids have to hop along until they stand next to it!
5. Start slowly and gradually make it faster.
Or for a bigger version (for a big review or party perhaps?) spread the flashcards all over the classroom and the kids have to hop to them!
It’s fun, my kids love it.
– Mido
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Richard Graham

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