New printer & Legal MP3s

To print the picture cards we have a load of printers in Ehime, but I don’t actually have one with me in Fukuoka. So instead of paying a fortune to Kinkos every week I got a printer. It took ages to choose though, staff training in shops needs a bit of improving!

Legal MP3 downloads are also becoming more accessible in Japan, now you can just pop along to your nearest convenience store and download your favourite songs onto your phone or MP3 player. The good thing for Genki English viewers is the pricing, the going rate is 300 yen per song. Now that might mean that having the Genki English songs as paid for downloads might be a possibility in the future. I’d have to check out the technical and security stuff, but it also gets round the problem of people wanting to just buy the songs without the “Be Genki” software. Mind you I downloaded a 300 yen song onto my phone and it wouldn’t play! Oh well, the idea is still full of potential!

Richard Graham

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