New Sports A4 Flashcards, Mini Cards, Games & Workbook

To go with last week’s Sports Software Update, today we have all the funky new flashcards, mini cards and updated workbook for you!


And this is my favourite game for this theme, based on the Stopwatch game:

1. Put the kids in a big circle.

2. Β Go raid the gym and pull out the balls for each of the sports in the song e.g. tennis ball, soccer ball etc.

3. Give one ball to one student.

4. Start the stopwatch!

4. The student with the ball asks the person next to them “What sports do you play?”

5. Β The person answers with the corresponding sport (e.g. “I play tennis.” Β if it’s a tennis ball.) And they take the ball!

6. Keep going round the circle until the last person asks “What sports do you play?” and the last person answers.

All straight forward, but no genkiness so far! So ….

7. Ask the kids which sport they think will be the fastest.

8. All the kids start shouting out their own sport! Β The can get quite passionate here!

9. Β Do the game again with all the different balls from all the different sports.

10. Time each one and see which one is the fastest!

I love this game, and bringing out all the sports balls makes it really fun.

You can also split the kids up into different teams of equal number and race together to see who can do it fastest, for example the volleyball vs. baseball team!

Ideas for the next lesson …

If you do each theme over two lessons, then Β the “Sports & Days of the Week” Picture Book has also been updated!

What are your favourite games for this language?

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  1. theglove0

    One simple game I do with sports is to repeat a sport action ten times and then everyone freezes. First person to move is out. We all say, “Let’s play soccer! 1,2,3…10(while kicking) and then Stop!”

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