Went out to work at Seattle’s Best again today. Except that I couldn’t use the electric socket, so only got 3 hours work done before my battery died. But I had a plan! I brought my music computer along to do some music work. But when I switched that on the batteries also died. Hmmm.

But anyway I had to go and buy a DVD burner and on the way I found a new music shop! Yeah! And best of all they had a brand new Korg Electribe valve synth that had just arrived today. Fantastic. I had a play around for a bit and it was great, oh I miss doing being a music producer. I guess that’s the thing between music gear and video editing gear, the music stuff is just a joy to use, whereas video editing is like trying to wade through concrete, it is just soooo slow and unresponsive! Now if only I had somewhere to live that I could fill up with new synths and stuff…

Richard Graham

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