I got back last night at midnight and found out that my computer had crashed again. Argh!!! So I had no choice but to encode all the video files one at a time. There are over 20 and they take 45 minutes each. Hence I didn’t get much sleep as I set a file going, slept for 30 minutes, woke up and did the next one!! But by 2PM I had finished – yeah!!!!! So feeling very, very tired I decided to go to the Sumo!!!

Sumo is fantastic! In 6 years I’ve never had the chance to go, but today was the Kyushu final and it was brilliant. It’s such a cool atmosphere, like a really cool day out. It’s a bit funny as they keep doing all these false starts and then suddenly do the real fight which is over in a flash, blink and you miss it! But it was cool, and all the cushion throwing at the end was great. The funniest bits were the prizes at the end, where the champion got awarded things like a years supply of petrol from the UAE, or a years supply of sake. I also got recognised a couple of times, which really surprised me, but it was nice.

So after that I went back and checked the DVD. It had rendered OK and was now ready for it’s first viewing. So I put it in the machine and ….. wow!! It looks so cool! On a real TV it just looks, well, real, like a real TV programme. Great.

So I was very, very happy and very relieved that everything had working out OK. Three months of very hard work, and it’s very nearly finished!

Richard Graham

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