Bed at 4AM, up at 6AM – I need to take a break from Japan!! Mind you for all the moaning I might do and however tired I might be, I had a look around at all the people on the subway in their suits and ties and felt really grateful that I’m my own boss and don’t have to do this everyday!

So I flew up to Tokyo. My bags were very wet at the baggage claim. My clothes and music gear were all drenched so I asked what happened. The reply was “it’s raining”.

Then to Shinjuku, I met up with Will and he did the final content check on the DVD. After all that hard work the last thing I wanted was a spelling mistake in there! But it was cool – great!!

Then a meeting at SSI, the publishers of our Kids English series, to talk about next year’s marketing strategy. I played them the DVD and their jaws dropped, they looked well impressed. Which is a good reaction I suppose! They’ll also check the inlay card for me tomorrow. Then we got taken out for a very nice Italian restaurant for lots of well deserved food and beer. Nice.

Richard Graham

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