It’s a public holiday today, when all the beaches open for the season. But as I took my day off on Saturday I couldn’t really take any time off today. But it was OK as it wasn’t actually that sunny.

What I had to do today was to start the planning stages of CD5. This basically involved pulling together all the English, music and software ideas into something resembling a plan of action for making the CD. As my schedule is so full over the Summer I don’ think anything is going to happen too soon, but it’s always useful to see where things stand. Basically the themes are all cool ( I actually have too many which is a good thing!) as is the target English. The music side isn’t quite as well ahead as although I do have a few ideas, I used up a lot of the music styles I have on the Phonics CD. There was always the argument as to whether I should just put all my best stuff into the phonics CD, or keep some of it back for CD5. I decided to make the phonics CD the best I could, so it does make things a little more difficult now!!

The challenge is getting a whole set of new styles together that are musically distinct, fun and genki but that still compliment the target English. I really need to take a month or so just playing around on the keyboards to see what I can come up with, but I have a feeling that won’t happen!!

Just looking at the plan though, there is a lot of work in one CD these days! With the music, target English, actions & gestures, worksheets, teaching guide videos, picture cards, pronunciation guides, mini lessons and animations all to do before it can be tested and released!

Richard Graham

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