Shapes & Colours & Hamster Games!

On theΒ VIP forumΒ Alison just wrote in (from Greece!) :

With my 5-6 year olds, I’m planning to do the Christmas colours lesson, followed by Christmas shapes. For the next lesson I’d like to combine the two by saying “I can see a red triangle” for example. The kids would then colour the picture accordingly. So I’m just wondering if an A4 black and white flashcard of the shapes on the Christmas tree exists (to use as the colouring sheet)? Thanks!

Thanks Alison, I always like requests and I always try and answer requests on theΒ VIP forumΒ first (hint, hint you know where to make requests now!) so I just made them up for you.

And I also added a bunch of other shapes worksheets, printables and “Top 5 Shapes” games (including the fantastic “Hamsters make a circle” game!) to the Christmas Shapes page too – Enjoy!

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