She has blue eyes!

This is one of those tricky themes where if you teach it wrong ( e.g. teaching words like “fat” or “skinny”) you can cause a whole world of hurt for some of the kids in class!

So we keep it till near the end of the curriculum, where we’ve used all the growth mindset tools in the program so far to build the students into a coherent, caring, superpowered super hero team!

And once you’ve done that youΒ get the kids to learn the new words and pronunciation at home with theirΒ student set and then in class review the words, and do a quick speak and tell….

  1. Everyone draws a picture with as many of the characteristics as possible ( bonus points for including colours, adjectives etc.)
  2. They present their new friend to the class!

Or if you want to be super hi tech, Β get the kids to use the language to make new images using A.I. image generating apps – it’s a great use of the English in action!



If you have purchased your Teacher’s SetΒ in the last year you can find the lesson in theΒ “Oh My Level 15” section of your software ( Β Β Click here if you haven’t bought it yetΒ orΒ here if you need to VIP update to add the new levels)

Vip Members can download the “Oh My Level 15” Minicards:

The vol. 15 workbook

And, due to popular request, Β the A4 cards too!