Quotes for Kids: Genki Growth Mindset Posters to brighten up your walls (& souls!)

My nephew’s school is covered with motivation quotes all over the wall. Β (Nelson Mandela & Steve Jobs in primary school!)

Facebook is also full of amazing quotes but the English is quite tough.

I figured, why not make some easy Genki English ones for kids (or teachers!) ?

So I made you a set of posters featuring all the mantras and sayings I keep repeating in the workshops!

I think they’ll look pretty cool on your classroom walls?


Do let me know what you think in the comments!

Ninja Tip: Choose 2 or 3 of these as rules for “The Agreement” to get a perfectly disciplined class!

Any others you’d like to see made up?

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Richard Graham

Hello, I'm Richard Graham. When I was a kid I found school to be sooooo boring... So I transformed my way of teaching. I listened to what the kids were really wanting to say and taught it in ways they really wanted to learn. The results were magical. Now I help teachers just like you teach amazing lessons and double your incomes!

40 Responses to “Quotes for Kids: Genki Growth Mindset Posters to brighten up your walls (& souls!)”

  1. gumby

    I love these! Any chance of making them into stickers? If not, I can always change my printer settings, but it would be nice to have one sheet to click and print out.

    I just have one question….”I love WATER?”

  2. Richard

    Thanks Gumby! If you don’t mind them being rectangular then just set the printer to print them all on one sheet!

    RE Water: Yep, to get the kids away from sodas and packaged fruit juice!!!!

  3. gumby

    I learned something new today! When I tried to print multiple copies on one page, I would get only one copy of each poster with the rest of the page blank. If I chose 2 copies I would get two of the same with lots of blank spaces.
    I chose the customized setting that allows me to print multiple pages on one page. I set my dimensions to 6 x 10.
    Instead of choosing multiple copies, in the box that allows you to choose which page numbers to copy,
    I inputed
    1-15, 1-15, 1-15, 1-15
    I got a 4 copies of each poster on one page.
    Had to write this up somewhere because I am sure to forget it next time πŸ™‚

    These will be wonderful motivational stickers to give out to students.
    Thanks again, Richard!

  4. Micki

    Oh! I was wondering about the I Love Water bit, too — I thought maybe it was because it was the end of winter. I ask my kids at the end of class, “Are you thirsty?” Then I encourage them to have some water. They’ve been using their voices, and winter is so dry here . . . .

    But I see — it’s also a darn good alternative to juice and sodas.

    (-: You might be able to do something with snacks, too. Something like: The ABCs of Snacks: Apple, Banana, Carrot!

  5. Micki

    Cool! Amazing Asparagus season is coming up in the next few weeks in my area (-:. And my mother-in-law is planting Beautiful Broccoli right now (-:.

  6. Drew

    Good one Richard! THANKγ€€YOU! Any possibility of adding one each about confidence and eye contact ?γ€€γ€€

  7. Julia

    Hi Richard!

    Thank you very much for this very helpful tool! Kids love saying “Try again!” and “I can!” after they feel upset losing a game :-). Now they will surely be happy to see how these mottos look like, especially with your Genki design.

  8. Julia

    Sorry, is the last one the Japanese translation of “Be Genki”?

  9. Richard

    @Drew: Nice ideas, let me see what I can do!

    @Julia: Good question! できる is pronounced “dekiru” and means “I can!” (maybe sort of like ΠΌΠΎΠΆΠ½ΠΎ in Russian) But we always get the kids to say it out loud whenever they try something!!! Dekiru, dekiru, dekiru!!! πŸ™‚

  10. Julia

    Thank you Richard!
    The last one is very important, indeed!

    In Russian “I can” is “Π― ΠΌΠΎΠ³Ρƒ!” (“МоТно” is “May”}
    I guess you’re working on GenkiRussian, aren’t you?:-)
    I wish you the best of luck!

  11. Julia

    Couldn’t find the “Eye contact” picture πŸ™
    But I copied it and saved it as a PNG file first, and then made it a PDF (opened the Acrobat, chose “create a PDF from the file”, chose the saved file and – ta-da! – Here you are! – Eye contact is mine! Dekiru!

  12. Richard

    Hi Julia, you might need to hit “refresh” when the pdf files loads!

    But great you figured it out, dekiru indeed! πŸ™‚

  13. Liora

    LOVE THEM!!!

  14. Elvira

    They are really nice and encouraging! You can also use them for teaching reading.Thank you!

  15. Jasmina

    Amazing!! Many, many thanks!!!

  16. Amy

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I remember those typical motivational posters from when I went to school and I looked into buying some when I started teaching. But, like you said Richard, they were too difficult or just not the right style. These are perfect though!! Thanks! The I love water poster describes some students in my class who are always asking me for water (since weΒ΄re always talking and doing active exercises itΒ΄s good to provide water for the kids). Another poster idea is from the I think youΒ΄re… theme. YOUΒ΄RE COOL!! or excellent, etc.

  17. Sakura

    You really amazes me with your creativity Richard!

    I don’t know where you get these ideas.

    I am very lucky that I bought the pack in 2007 when I was a new ALT here in Japan.

    I’m sad that I didn’t update my collections after that but I still have all the free access to the new materials.

    Wish you all the best. Thank you very much.

  18. Sakura


    Thanks Gumby for the excellent idea of making it to stickers!

    hahahahaha thanks for the guide how to print it in one page.

  19. Tanya

    Great idea! I thought the “Eye Contact” one a real winner. How about a “SMILE!”poster? Afterall, a smile is the best way to communicate with someone and it can help a lot when things get lost in translation.

  20. Philip Foster.

    Love these, been using in my schools this week. How one for “one more minute” something to make them hurry up, sometimes they are too excited to hear the timer sounding. “let’s go” or “Are you ready?” would also be great:) Thanks very much.

  21. Richard

    Hi Philip, glad you like them! Is that “One more minute” as in “can we keeping playing for one more minute?”

  22. Philip Foster

    I was meaning more like “last minute, hurry up!” For timed activities. That last minute is always flexible it’s more just as a cue to finish. A card would maybe be even better than a timer. “You’ve got 3 minutes”, then just clap your hands and bring out the one more minute card whenever it suits you. Using the cards as motivation cues really worked with my 5th grade ES today, especially the ‘minion-esque’ eye contact one.

  23. Susan K

    Thanks Richard!

    These posters would brighten up any classroom/nursery/ children’s bedroom. I love the way they teach values like supporting each other, being a good loser, trying your best and staying healthy!

  24. Margit


    could you add the new ones to the upper selection so that it opens in one go.

    Just copied them in school, but only the first 20 came up. Noticed the later ones just now.

  25. Margit

    and another request, could I have something for
    LISTEN” or “shhh”~Of course I don’t mean them to be quiet and hush, but for the timing when one kid gets up and talks or does a presentation: I want everyone to be 120% silent and listening when one kid is talking.

  26. Haya

    Wow! love the idea of those quotes as stickers. Never really like the wording on most stickers lately but these are the best! Thanks also for the printing advice needed that.

    Mr Richard you are our international teacher of the year really. We bought a little but you give us soooo much. You are the best of teachers mashaallah!

  27. Agnieszka

    Would it be possible to add “When you ask I answer quickly” or something like that?

  28. michelle

    Lovely! My primary kids always repeat my quotes for example : Keep your hands to yourself; be nice to everybody ! They also adore being rewarded with smileys!

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