Study Abroad: 留学 in メルボルン

As you may have gathered from yesterday’s post, I’m in Australia at the moment.   I’m over here looking at study abroad options for students.   Apart from the language side of things (i.e. it’s one of the quickest ways to get fluent) I really believe that everyone should at some point have the chance to either work or study abroad.   The difference in character between someone who has and someone who hasn’t is unbelievable!

It’s also a great focal & motivational point for your lessons.  If you are planning on taking your students abroad they do so much more study in class time!  Plus of course financially it can be very beneficial for your school and students.

Anyway, here’s a little look around Melbourne town centre….

P.S.  I’m also hoping to have a 留学 – study abroad – guidebook coming soon.   For the time being you might want to check out the new site I’ve been working on at

Richard Graham

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