Summer Clothes Lesson – New Download

Here’s the animation, game and digital flashcards for the “Baby Monkey it’s Summer!” Summer clothes theme. It’s not totally finished (there’s no mini lesson yet), but should hopefully keep your students happy! It’s a totally free – but time limited – offer for VIP members (grab your Download Pack if you’re not a member yet!)

Right Click and select “Save as” to download to your machine:

UPDATE: The offer has now finished, but check out the volume 11 page!

Usually WARNING: DO NOT DOWNLOAD unless you want it in your head all day!

If you need the Mac version, shoot me an email.

The song itself has also been remixed a touch. It is one of those songs that sounds quite simple at first, but I’ve been hearing great feedback about it! What do you think?

Richard Graham

Hello, I'm Richard Graham. And when I was a kid I found school to be sooooo boring... So I transformed my way of teaching. I listened to what the kids were really wanting to say and taught it in ways they really wanted to learn. The results were magical. So I'm sharing it all with you now...

13 Responses to “Summer Clothes Lesson – New Download”

  1. Carol

    The kids will just love it! Mine were still singing it 3 weeks after the lesson! THANKS

    Cute how the t-shirt changes…

  2. Margit

    Oh Richard, this is soooooo cute! Amazing. The kids will love it.

    One question: Do you usually use “shades”? I always used “sunglasses” , which is more common?

    About the style of the song; the only thing I think I could figure out being different was the tempo. Is that right? I have the feeling this one is much slower. Maybe it’s just my mind tricking me. But when dancing with the song now, I was always several ways ahead, so, if it IS the speed, I would prefer the one from last year. I think it was a bit “wilder”

    Anyway, you really should considerto find somebody making an animation with Baby Monkey. It’s just too cute.

  3. Songtao

    You know what, you are saving my life, I have been teaching with summer clothes topic all this month, I counldn’t find this one on Genki package,so I googled and found that Genki had one summer clothes topic song,just without a animation version, so I download the Summer clothes song and PDF pictures and made some flash cards out of it, and then cut it up in to pieces of clothes,which took me a whole morning just yesterday, and now you have it, and I am just going to need it this afternoon and so!

    You are like a fire-fighter,just in time:-)


    Songtao from Beijing,China

  4. richard

    The backing music is exactly the same speed! I just cleaned up the timings of the vocals!

  5. richard

    Glad you like it! By the way everyone, Songtao is the genius behind the songs!

  6. Liza

    Well, today is our last day of term. No lessons, just a church service and then after the kids get their reports they can go home.

    Last week I used the mp3 Summer Clothes song with multiple flash cards. I divided the kids into groups, issued each group with a set of flashcards mixed up and them played the song. The kids were allocated numbers from 1-8. When Nr. 1 heard the first item of clothing he had to grab the appropriate flashcard whilst he and the other team member sang the song. They repeated this until all flashcards had been collected, holding the flash cards above their heads and waving them like football fans wave their banners at a football match. It had a real world cup stadium feel to it. Without the vuvuzelas.

    I finished off with the Leapfrog game – don’t forget your hat etc, and everyone was happy.

    It provided a big, grand finale feeling to the end of term.

  7. Gumby

    Thanks Richard! The animation is really cute. Carol, thanks for pointing out the T-shirts. fun stuff! The language is definitely useful and it fits in so well with this time of year. I can’t wait to use it!

  8. Julian-k

    Great timing! I’m going to do this theme on Monday! I was wondering about the chances of a dice to go with the Pieces Gaz made last year actually . . .

  9. Lines

    I love the music of genki songs a lot.
    And it’s different to the songs I usually sing in my summer clothing classes, because I always use PUT ON… and take off…. Your vocabulary is better, you use DON’T FORGET YOUR… and LET’S GO TO…, so It’s true when you or your club says that genki can be used from three years old to 90.
    Thank you.

  10. mehmet

    Dear Richard
    Could we please have the mac version of it. I am trying to set Genki English kindergarten classes in Istanbul, Turkey. Can you advise me about it.
    all the best
    Mehmet Oznur

  11. Jacs

    Richard, thanks so much for doing this. The kids loved the theme and tune! A great end to the term and my first year of teaching. I’m off to the beach next week. Have a good one everyone!

  12. Libu

    Hi Richard,
    I love this song and so do the kids! Thanks so much! It’s summer time here in Reunion so I wanna use it again. The only thing is that my 8 years old beginners might find the bucket and spade a bit too babyish … How about adding some more useful vocabulary in a version for older kids such as a towel, mask, snorkel, fins and camera? Thanks and have a great day!

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