Summer Play for Camp or End of Term

A really cool way to show the kids how much they have learnt this term is to mix all the songs together into a story or play.

The parents also love it ย – “hey, my kid just did a musical in English!”

Over on the VIP forum we have a whole section devoted to them.

And Becky has just very kindly sent in this summer version from Vietnam, enjoy!

(A meets C, D, L, M & N are Becky’s students’ initials!)


It’s Summer!

(A meets C, D, L, M & N wearing their hat and shorts.)

A: Everybody, itโ€™s summer! Letโ€™s go to the beach.

Sing song: โ€œSummer Clothesโ€

C: Donโ€™t forget your towel. (wave Aโ€™s towel.)
A: Khanh
D: Donโ€™t forget your shorts. (wave Aโ€™s shorts.)
B: N.Anh
L: Put on your shades. (wave Aโ€™s shades & A put on shades.)
C: Duy
M: Put on your hat. (wave Aโ€™s hat & A put on hat.)
D: P.Anh
N: Put on your shoes. (wave Aโ€™s slippers & A put on shoes.)
E: V.Anh

(A, C, D, Q, R & S walk to the beach [signboard with โ€˜beachโ€™]. They meet Jane.)

F: T.Anh
A: Hello! Whatโ€™s your name?
G: Q.Huy
B: Hello. Iโ€™m Jane. Whatโ€™s your name?
H: Kien
A: Iโ€™m Khanh.
I: Hai
C: Iโ€™m Duy.
J: D. Linh
D: And Iโ€™m Phuong Anh. How did you get here, Jane?
K: Hoang

Sing song: โ€œHow did you get here?โ€

How did you get here?

L: Trang
B: I came here by aeroplane. (Looking at L) Whatโ€™s your name?
M: K.Linh
L: Iโ€™m Trang and this is my friend, Khanh Linh.
N: Diep
M: Hi, Jane. I have a brother, Diep.
O: D.Huy
N: Nice to meet you, Jane.
P: Tien
(E, F & Q walks in.)

E, F & Q: Hello, Jane!
B: Hi Ernie, Freda and Queen. Meet my friends.
E: Are you Vietnamese?
C: Yes, we are. Where are you from?
Q: Weโ€™re from America. Where do you live?

Sing song: โ€œWhere do you live?โ€

Where do you live?
A: I live near the rice fields.
M: I live near the airport.
D: I live near the hospital.
B: Where are you going?
E, F & Q: Weโ€™re going to the shops.
ACDLMN: Weโ€™re going to the beach.
B: Iโ€™m going to the shops too. Bye, everybody!
All: Bye!

(Sharon, Frank & Ernie go to the shops)
F: How much is this jacket?

Sing song: โ€œHow much?โ€

How much?
G: Itโ€™s five dollars.
F: No, four dollars.
G: Ok, four dollars.

F: Iโ€™ll take it.
G: Thank you. Bye!

E: Iโ€™m hungry. Letโ€™s go eat ice-cream.

F: Great. Whatโ€™s your favorite flavor?

Sing song: โ€œWhatโ€™s your favorite flavor?โ€

What's your favourite flavour?

Q: I like chocolate.

(B,E & F walk into shop, sit down & wait to be served. H, I, J, K, O & P are sitting at another table.)

J: Whatโ€™s your favorite flavor?
H: I like red bean.
K: I like lemon.
O: I like green rice.
P: Whatโ€™s that?
I: I donโ€™t know. (Turns to J) Whatโ€™s that?

Sing song: โ€œCreepy Crawliesโ€


K: Itโ€™s a cockroach! (All in the shop scream.)
O: Whereโ€™s the cockroach?
P: Itโ€™s under the chair.
J: No, itโ€™s not. Itโ€™s in the cupboard.
I: No, itโ€™s not. Itโ€™s on the fan.
H: No, itโ€™s under the phone. (He lifts up phone and hits the cockroach with the phone.
Everybody screams again. K lifts up the dead cockroach and throws it away.)
K: Thank you!
H: Youโ€™re welcome.
I: What do you do?

Sing song: โ€œWhat do you do?โ€

J: Iโ€™m a chef.
K: Iโ€™m a doctor.
P: Iโ€™m a police officer.
O: Iโ€™m a monster.

Everybody: Ahhhhโ€ฆโ€ฆ! (Run away)


If you have any stories or plays you do like this, please do share them with everyone!

Be genki,


P.S. ย Just like with picture books, the endings are always important – Monsters always work well! ๐Ÿ™‚

P.P.S. If you like the play I’m sure Becky would love to hear so in the comments – I’d quite like you to motivate her to write some more!

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5 Responses to “Summer Play for Camp or End of Term”

  1. Kristin

    THIS IS GRAT!!! What a fun way to end the semester!! I love how Becky has worked all the different songs into this play! And the cockroach is wonderful! Can’t wait for the next play……………

  2. Deena

    Wow Becky, this is a great summary of everything we teach using GE – wonderful!

    How old were these kids?

  3. Becky

    Hi Deena, I teach a mixed class. The kids were 7 – 12 years old. Actually I have another skit which I used for my first term. I guess if everyone likes the idea, I could send it to Richard to have it posted.

  4. Francine

    Wow!! That is such an awesome idea!!

  5. Martin Wenzel

    Wow, now this would BLOW away my school and parents…Maybe I should get to work on one for Christmas??? Ha

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