🎃 The Genki English Halloween Pack!

As part of your Teacher’s Set you have a whole level of Halloween lessons.   You can either use them on their own or slot them into the curriculum in place of the non-halloween version.  For example if you’re due to do Rooms of the House with Baby Monkey,  you can swap it up for the Haunted House lesson. 🙂

Remember as always the 1,2,3, Lesson Plan:

  1. Warm Up and Review
  2. Input with the song/computer
  3. Output with the class game

Here’s the guide to the warm ups,  and then ….

2. Input:  Top Halloween Songs & Full Lessons

Why stop at monsters and trick or treat? Here we teach your favourite English topics (prepositions, body parts, “Who is …”, colours etc.) , but with Halloween magic and flavour!


New Little Red Riding Hood at Grandma’s House


Who is in the haunted house? – Who is in the …. + kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, dining room, garage, attic, garden.


Superheros are for Halloween too! – I can ….


What do you want to be for Halloween?  “I want to be a …” + Halloween outfits!



Colours & Pirates – red, blue, black, white, grey, brown, pink, green


Treasure Adventure  – Phonics “ure” sound + there’s a pirate, hat, parrot, map, ship, island, shark + presentations


Trick or Treat – Trick or Treat + Scarecrow Soup, Skeleton Steak, Monster Mash, Pirate Pancakes, Black Cat Cookies, Pumpkin Pie, Spider Spaghetti, Ice Cream Eyes!



Apple Bobbing  – Apple Bobbing game for Halloween.


Happy Halloween – Happy Halloween! “I’m scared”, “Look, there’s a …” wizard, witch, ghost, mummy, bat, broom, wand, vampire



Prepositions: Where is the spider?  – Under, on, behind, in front of, in, next to , near



Let’s make a monster  – Body parts e.g. neck, toes, fingers, etc.


Skeleton Soup – Give me …. + body parts + foot/feet etc.


Thanksgiving – I’m thankful for my …. friends, school, toys, food, family, clothes, teacher

2. For the Output Stage:  More Halloween Themed English Practice Games

Whilst every lesson above (and in the whole curriculum) has a recommended game for the output part of the lesson,  here are a great selection of other games you can substitute in!

Ask the Dragon.
(Reported Speech)

Funky Mummy Game
( Body Parts)

Skeleton Scavenger Hunt
Pop the Pumpking Pics
Trick or Treat Clocks

I want to be a …. ghost 
Halloween “Squares” Boardgame
Nemo Vampires & Harry Potter it hurts!
Halloween ABC Chase

I declare war on zombies!

Exploding Fat Man
– put your kids off burgers for life!
Circle of Doom!

How much? Candies Game

Broom Catch!

Spider’s Web 

Plus for there is the evaluation workbook for VIP members.

You give one of these at the end of each lesson so the parents can see what the kids have been doing.

Ninja Tip:  The words are just printed there for the parents,  the kids know the words from the pictures they learnt in class.

If you’ve done speaking and reading and are working on writing then here are the Hallowe’en Imagination Worksheets

To get your kids thinking outside the box (and maybe ready for creative writing?) with these fantastic imagination worksheets.

VIP Members Printable Halloween Books:

Teachers Halloween Book Kids Halloween Book


Hallowe’en Spot the Difference Quizzes

Not English as such,  but if you need to kill a bit of time here’s a great Hallowe’en “Spot the difference quiz



Halloween Certificate

We all love getting praise for what we’ve done.  They’re great for parties too!



Halloween Masks

VIP Members can also download these amazing Halloween masks to go with the Trick or Treat Song. @Designed by Gaz.


And the stickers…


Plus you want some more super quick Halloween Games?

How many candies?
– Put a load of candies in a jar and the kids have to guess, in English, how many there are. Once they get the magic number, they get a candy each. Use “higher” and “lower” to give them hints if you like. If you’re in a public school you might have to use stickers or something instead of food.

* How heavy is the pumpkin?
– Similar to the above game, the kids guess how heavy the pumpkin, or Jack o’Lantern, is. Great to link in with maths lessons ( e.g. grams vs. kilograms, analogue vs. digital scales etc.)

* Pesky Hound – Build a Skeleton Game
Similar to the “Body Building Game” on the site. Ask the kids some review questions. Whoever gets the answer correct gets to roll a dice. If they roll a “1”, they can draw the head of their team’s skeleton on the board, “2” let’s them draw an arm, “3” is a leg, “4” is a foot, “5” is a “hand” and “6” is the “dog card” where a pesky hound comes and steals one of the bones they’ve already drawn. First team to draw 1 head, 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 hands and 2 feet is the winner.

NEW: Pesky Hound Printables:

* Make a Pumpkin Face
– Use the Make a Face song from CD6, then do a version of the Make a Face game where the kids are blind fold and have to put cut-out eyes, nose and mouth onto a giant jack o’Lantern you draw on the board.

Apple bobbing

This is a cool game to play outside during lunchbreak. Simply fill a deep barrel full of water and put some apples in. One kid at a time, with their hands tied behind their back, comes and tries to pick up one of the apples with their teeth! If they fail 3 times, a new kid has a go. (And thanks to Dennis of Nagano-ken for suggesting using vodka instead of water for more grown up students!). Another variation is to have an apple dangling from the ceiling by a string.

New Apple Bobbing Song

Costume Karuta
I had this great idea whilst having a meeting in Kagawa prefecture. First of all you prepare several sets of simple Hallowe’en costumes. Examples could be a sheet for a ghost, a hat for a witch or a mask for a wolf man, or whatever!! You split the kids into teams and each team has a full set of costumes. The teacher shouts out a word, e.g. “ghost”, and the front kid from each group has to run to the costumes and put on the correct one! The fastest kid gets 2 points, if the other kids got the correct costume they get 1 point!

Halloween Tic-tac-toe
One of the best Hallowe’en ideas I used to do was Hallowe’en tic-tac-toe, designed by Grace Sylvan. It’s a simple, calm lesson, and the kids get to take something home afterwards!! Check out the game at http://www.kidsdomain.com/craft/tictac1.html

Pumpkin targets
I saw this game at Horigane school in Nagano. You paint a large pumpkin on a piece of card about 1m square. You then cut out holes for the eyes, nose and mouth. But make one eye a square, one a triangle and the nose a circle. Ideally you would have 3 of these pumpkins. You put the kids into 3 teams and the front kid from each team has 2 balls. The teacher says a “target”, for example “The square eye” or “The round nose”. The kids then have to try and throw one ball into the correct hole in the pumpkin’s face! They then move one step forward, the teacher says another word, and they try again! Then the next kid in the group has a go.

Halloween boxes
This is an old game and works well for some kids, but don’t force any one to do it!! You first of all teach some unusual body parts, such as “fingernails, liver, brain,” etc. You then have several shoe boxes. Each one has a small hole to fit a hand through, but you cannot see inside it!! Kids who want to have a go come to the front, stick their hand in the box and without looking inside they have to decide what “body part” is inside! Suggested items could be pieces of plastic for “finger nails”, tofu for “brain”, peeled grapes for “eyes”, a plastic glove filled with water and frozen for “hand”, noodles for “intestines” and the clincher is “liver” – a real liver!!! The kids love it when the tough kids come to the front thinking “Yeah, no problem” and then they pull their hand out of the last box covered in blood!! Dim the lights and it adds to the atmosphere! Of course you have to be careful with this game, in Japan it’s easier to get away with this type of thing, in other countries you may have to respect different customs!! And don’t force any kid to participate!!


Or check out the Happy Halloween Picture Book

Hope that’s enough for you,  I told you I wanted to over deliver for all you new VIP members! 🙂

Be genki,


P.S.  Do check out the  Teacher’s Set if you’ve still not joined us yet 🙂



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