👩‍🔬 The Law of Entropy: Why Chaos is Normal & What You Can do to Fix It!

When you leave housework for a week the house becomes a total tip.

Similarly with a computer or business.   Leave them alone long enough and all that nicely organized goodness descends into a chaos of messy files and folders everywhere.

There is a name for this.

It’s called “The Law of Entropy” and it’s the second law of thermodynamics.   ( i.e. it’s a real, proper, physical law, not one of these woo woo made up ones 🙂 )

It says that left alone things tend to descend into disorder and chaos.

Just like your brain under lockdown,  if you leave it alone it drifts from a more ordered to a less ordered state.

What’s the way to get around this? 

The first thing is to be aware of it.

Once you know that doing nothing leads to less order then you can actually decide to do something about it.

And in physics you do that with “Work” and “Energy.”

These are both very defined physical terms,  but the general definitions of the words work too.

If you want things to go back to a more ordered state,  or move forward into a better state,  you have to put in energy and work.

So that means you can’t just leave things and “hope they’ll get better.”

You have to put in structured activities like morning routines,  scheduled zoom calls with friends or mastermind calls with colleagues, celebrations or taking scheduled time and days off.

If you want a more ordered state you have to put in the work and energy to schedule, structure and order things.

And then the law of entropy will start to reverse and you can enjoy all the benefits that brings.

Which might include a cleaner house, a smarter business and hopefully a happier, more fulfilling life – even under lockdown! 🙂

So what can you do today to start reversing the law of entropy?

Be genki,




Richard Graham

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