Tips & Ideas for End of Year Parties

Batya had a great question in the VIP Facebook group about ideas for end of year parties. ย  ย There have been some fantastic responses so if you’re a VIP member, do check those out!ย 

One of the best things I’ve found to do is to put together a performance of the kids favorite Genki songs and games.

The parents LOVE this!

The songs show the kids being really confident and smiling as they sing (great for parents’ photos too!) and the genki games show the parents that these kids really can use the English they’ve been taught!

Ninja Tip: ย Unlikeย beginning of yearย demo lessons, ย where it’s always infinitely better to get the parents to join in so they feel what it’s really like to learn with you, ย in these end of year performances you can give the parents a rest and let them just watch, smile & feel proud of you and their kids ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

The Genki Thank You songย I also wrote for my own classes to say Thank you at the end of the year:


Of course if you wanted to go one step further you could combine these Genki lessons into a story or play like Virginie did in the video above (if you’re a VIP you can check out Virginie’s detailed Facebook post on how she did here!)

Plus there are over 30 different play & story ideas in the old VIP Forum to give you some inspiration!

Enjoy and thank you for everything you have done this year!!!

Be genki,


P.S. ย Or if you are still online, ย check out the virtual version of Virginie’s end of year party – it’s amazing too!ย 







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