Too violent and paying Yahoo

I did the GenkiEnglish Man fighting scenes today. But the thing is that when I came to have a look at the final cuts it looks like some people may think it’s too violent! It’s not really, and there’s certainly no blood or gore in there, but it is aimed at elementary school kids and hence has lots of action. The only problem is that if we label something “elementary school age” then parents of 2 year olds start buying it saying “oh, my kid is already that advanced” (usually they aren’t ). But with the songs and things that’s totally fine as 2 year olds love them. But having the DVD with action superhero stories with shark scenes and power laser battles, might not go down too well! But they do look really good and I’m sure school kids will love them! I also found out today that it’s almost impossible to find Genki English on the Japanese version of Yahoo. I’m not sure if people know or not, but recently Yahoo changed their system and basically if you want to be on the first few pages of a search you have to pay, and pay a lot!! For the English site I don’t pay as most people use google instead, which seems a lot fairer, but with the new Japanese Yahoo even if you enter “Genki Ingurishhu” (GenkiEnglish in Japanese) it doesn’t give you my site but lists for other companies!!! Yahoo is the most popular in Japan so basically I have to pay…hmmm…. well let’s see how things go.

Richard Graham

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