Top Fan Coaching Calls!

I had great internet today so we had some fantastic long chats with teachers around the world answering lots of questions along the way!  Thank you everyone!


Here is some of what we covered!

  • Be the student you want your students to be

With Dan 

  • Making the most of Omicron quarantine
  • Polyglot Millionaires
  • Learning the kids’ language (and what to do if you are told to hide your skills!) 
  • Lighting for videos 
  • 30 Day Social Media Posts Plan
  • How other schools are messing up online teaching
  • What English teachers can learn from electric guitar teachers
  • How do you teach without grammar rules

With Maya ( Starts at 19 mins 30)

  • From Disney to Genki 
  • How to change the key of songs
  • How to edit audio 
  • What key should kids songs be in?
  • How to motivate students 
  • Is it OK to entertain students?
  • $8,000 English packages 
  • How to beat chain schools
  • How to go from 2 students to 100 students
  • Why making a website is a bad idea
  • The “Singing Paradox” 
  • How to get Perfect Pitch
  • Teaching 1,000 kids at once (and why I can’t teach more)

With Petra ( Starts at 43 mins 30) 

  • Do you want students who ask questions or sit back?
  • Are your students ever afraid or lacking confidence?
  • Be who you want your students to be 
  • What kind of questions to ask students?
  • Getting energy from students 
  • The Magic Wand and what is your teaching life like in 5 years from today?
  • How to get peace of mind right now
  • How many students’ lives do you wish to change?
  • How to get a meaningful life.
  • What challenges may be in your way?
  • Is it OK for classes to fail?
  • What do you need to learn to teach online?

With Elsa ( from 1 hour 3 minutes) 

  • Why it’s worth warming your classroom well 
  • Tip to cool down in the summer
  • Genki Monthly Masterminds
  • How a lot of teachers have the same problems 
  • Sharing inspiring videos with other teachers 
  • Building communities of teachers & students 
  • Genki English Success with Adults 
  • How to move into teaching kids
  • What presentation to give to new parents?
  • Don’t give presentations to new parents!
  • Why goals aren’t always the best thing to ask about
  • And what to do instead to get perfect students
  • How to never need to “sell” your lessons
  • Beautiful experiences 
  • How to find the right words to use in your social media posts
  • How to upgrade single students to group lessons 
  • Why Genki English doesn’t have a course book 
  • When is the best time to start phonics?
  • How to build a huge desire in kids to learn to read
  • Phonics gestures 

With Julie ( from 1 hour 35 mins 40)

  • Teaching in primary school 
  • Pressure to prove the program works 
  • Filling curriculum holes 
  • Is it OK to change the curriculum order?
  • How to speed things up?
  • Why great results really help 
  • How to hack exams and tests 
  • The best time to do the Genki curriculum 
  • Changing the way English is taught in Italy 
  • Teaching he/she/ does …

With Jack ( from 1 hour 51 minutes) 

  • Why being a teaching in China is an awesome situation right now 
  • Make it easy to teach adults
  • How to make it easy to teach teens in China 
  • What to do if kids don’t understand you 
  • The “Little Emperor” syndrome
  • Is translation a good method to teach English? 
  • What to do when schools say “teach speaking” 

Hope you enjoyed it!   What did you take away from the chats?




P.S. And also check out last year’s sessions below for an extra boost of inspiration!




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