When the lesson was over they asked if they could stay ….

Sussie has just sent in this great feedback on the Genki English Card Game from Italy.

I used these cards for the first time last week for one of my groups (8-year olds) to practise numbers up to 1000 and it was a huge hit.

Now, my idea was to use the GE game cards for the final 15 minutes of the lesson to link it to the measuring theme. When the kids saw the cards they all went “wow, it’s like pokemon cards!” and they really got very excited! Also I didn’t have to explain the rules, because “yeah, we already know how to play this game”!
And, this is the amazing part, when the lesson was over they asked if they could stay and continue playing!Β Surprised

So I asked their mums’ permission and in the end we did a two-hour lesson where they spoke English all of the time (otherwise the’d be eliminated!) and they all knew perfectly well how to say all the numbers on the cards when we finished! Amazing!

Especially since their lesson was at five pm after a long schoolday so I kind of expected them to be wanting to finish early…But that’s the GE effect for you!Β Very Happy

Just one little thing: after the first round I took away the strongest cards (dragon, dinosaur and something else) because they kept fighting over them.

So there you go! Β VIP members can print out the card game here (if you’re not a member, just buy the Download Pack right now and you will be!) Β  Or if you are lucky enough to be in Japan, then get your school to buy you a Japanese Superpack (use the Fax order form and the school will probably pay) because there’s an actual printed version of the game in there!

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