Where is Baby Monkey? Rooms game

One of the best things I like about Genki English is that as soon as I put up a comment on the Where is Baby Monkey? page that I don’t have a suitable game yet, people keep telling me about some great suggestions!

The best one was from Cesar and the Okinawa group last week, a super simple version of Clue ( or Cluedo). I’ve written it up as this month’s newsletter “Game of the Month”. It’s great in that you can keep it nice and simple, e.g. just family and rooms, or make it more advanced by adding in previous themes like What are you doing? to get the kids asking funky things like “Is Grandma Monkey dancing in the garden?”.

I guess you could also go crazy and add in another noun theme to make even longer sentences.

Right, I’m on the road again today, I’ve got a demo class for 1,800 kids on Tuesday! Wish me luck!

Richard Graham

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