Who wants to go back to that? & How the world has changed!

I was watching a chateau restoration program on Youtube the other day.

It was from 2005. Which, to be honest, doesn’t seem all that long ago ….

The crazy thing was that when the guy went shopping, he took with him a huge paper dictionary!

Blimey, it’s amazing how the world has changed in just 15 years.Β  Imagine going shopping like that nowadays and not having Google Translate in your pocket all the time! Β That’d be crazy!

Of course we’re going to get the Luddites not getting it & moaning β€œAh but, what happens when the technology fails?” Β 

Did you not see that dictionary? Β  Who on Earth wants to go back to carrying around huge things like that?!?!?Β 

#progressforwin #educationkeepingupwiththerealworldΒ 

Richard Graham

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