Game in Japanese

Drawing Game!

Target Grade:3-6
Target English: Vocab review!

This game is really good as a warm up to get the older kids more genki! It also lets you see what words they've remembered!

1. Split the class into groups of 5 or 6 people

2. Split the blackboard into columns, one for each group (six is about the maximum).

3. From each group one kid comes and draws a picture on the board. The picture must be of a word that they know in English (e.g. a dog or a house etc.)

The kids drawing, one from each team.....

4. When they've finished the next kid from the group comes and draws something. Repeat round and round until the time is up.

.....the next person comes....

5. Give them a time limit of maybe 5 minutes (but change it depending on their mood).

6. Sit them back down.

7. Go through each team's pictures asking them to shout out what each one is in English. Give them a point for each one they get correct.

.......finally a black board full of pretty pictures!

8. The team with the biggest score is the winner!

Variations include giving bonus marks for pretty pictures (they have to balance between drawing lots of pictures, or a few pretty ones!). Or bonus marks for difficult or "cool" words. But make sure they are aware of these extra rules before they start.

They'll usually get very noisy during this game. You could also try playing some music to increase the atmosphere. It's good to count out the last 10 seconds in a loud voice (although do it quite slowly so it actually lasts about 20 seconds!)


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