All The Materials You Need To Teach Genki English, Harvard Researched And Ready To Go!

Engage your students in the stress-free, energetic, “Genki” world of songs, games and exciting lessons.

Have all your students, and their parents, learning more than you could imagine and begging you for more.

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The Perfect 90 – 100 Hour English Introductory Course for Any Age from 3 Months to 93 Years!
Certified to A1/A2 on the CEFR.

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“Genki English” is designed to not only make learning, and teaching, fun but to have your students remember their English for the next lesson and beyond.


To make the English stick you have over 120 energetic themes with simple, cool, useful language that students really want to speak. You have special music that stays in your head so the students remember for next time, funky original images that get them talking right from the start and exciting games that bring life to the classroom and get the adrenaline going, all using English.

Creating English lessons that stick has never been easier.

The students learn, they have fun and you have fun too! Teaching English will never be the same.



You’ll be in good company!

Genki English has been featured on TV, radio and in countless classrooms all over the world.

The British Council has licensed it and the Thailand government has put it onto over 800,000 tablets in their primary schools.

In Japan, Koyuki san, Tom Cruise’s co-star in “The Last Samurai”, even used it in her TV series.

I’ve worked with Harvard University’s World Teach Programme & the University of Newcastle in the UK to bring Genki English to schools for low income families in India, Tanzania and China. We’ve been getting fantastic results!

e.g. Harvard Graduate School of Education wrote:

You can’t ask more than that from a place such as Harvard!

And from the teachers …..

“At the beginning of the course they couldn’t read a single sentence, but now they can read a book.”

With Genki English you’ll also have access to support and requests online from teachers all over the world.

You can relax and enjoy your job to the full!


“Genki songs really help with learning new vocabulary and make it really fun. Kids are always asking to redo the songs.”

– Carolyn, Corsica France.


Hello, I’m Richard Graham.

And when I was a kid, I really didn’t like school. I found it sooooo boring…

Then I spent 3 years teaching full-time in 3 Japanese schools. At first that was even worse. Students were sleeping, and not really learning anything. Just like it had for me, the traditional “chalk and talk” method of teaching was switching students off left, right and center.

So I transformed my way of teaching, I listened to what the kids were really wanting to say and tried teaching it in ways they really wanted to learn. The results were magical.

Just like you learn the lyrics to a favourite song or the latest baseball statistics, they learn Genki English because it’s fun!


That’s where I found out my way of teaching had a name: “Genki”, Japanese for “fun”, “exciting” and “full of life”.

After a lot of success on TV, magazines and newspapers and helping other teachers become “Genki”, in the year 2000 I founded and started making the Genki English Teacher’s Packs. Now they are used by millions of students in dozens of countries. It really works. And it’s really easy to teach!

These days half of my time is spent being invited to give workshops and lectures for universities, education centers, boards of education, and schools around the world on how to really motivate students and get the best out of lessons using Genki English. You’ll find videos and articles throughout the site.

The other half of my time is spent researching, developing, testing and refining new Genki teaching materials for you. Whilst everything works really well at the moment, I’m sure there are still more ways and better materials still to be made to make the next step up in teaching. Once you buy the Teacher’s Set you’ll find lots of these in the members’ forum for you to try out yourself!

For me, seeing new teachers in Asia, the Americas, Europe or Africa light up when their students begin to take an interest in lessons again really makes it all worthwhile.


“I’ve used the Teacher’s Set for 5 years in the schools and it is fabulous. The kids love it and beg me to let them sing and dance to their favorite G.E. songs again and again. They learn fast and retain so much with the music that all of the teachers are always amazed. I can’t recommend this highly enough, it is great!”

– Drew K. – Tokyo


We start with the “Angels & Ninjas Discipline” techniques to get you a class full of little angels ….

This is a new way of teaching and the last thing we want is a chaotic classroom!  This is how we keep the kids fully engaged and fully under control.   Without ever needing to say “shhh.”
All the techniques have been used to teach classes of 5 to 1000+ kids & includes techniques from the Bronx in New York.  If they work there, you know they work everywhere!

… all my LESSON PLANS from over 30+ years of teaching experience – this will save you hours of time …

All my very best top “No Prep” lesson plans all ready to go in the Genki English Lesson Plans.
Warm ups, input, output, games & review.  Tips, ideas, those secret little “magic tricks” that make it all work.  We’ve got it all covered for you.  In video, in text and in images.

& to get amazing pronunciation, over 400 original songs, mini lessons & karaoke tracks for every lesson.

Disco Warm Up!
Adventure Level 1
Disco Warm Up
Rock, Paper, Scissors
What’s your name?
How are you?
I’m a superhero!
Left and right
I, you, me, he she
Thank you!

Brainy Level 2
Numbers 1 to 12
How old are you?
Good Morning
Do you like food?
Do you like animals?
I’m sorry!
Do you like vegetables?
Challenge Level 3
I like animals!
Superhero vegetables
Do you have any pets?
Animal Voices
Baby Rabbit Family
Do you have any
brothers or sisters?

Danger Level 4
Under the Sea
Make a Face
Let’s make a monster
Doctor, Doctor!
Winter Clothes
Summer Clothes

Experts Level 5
Treasure Adventure
How many…?
How much …?
Numbers 13 to 20
Rocket Launch

Fantastic Level 6
Fruit Market
Can you speak?
Come on, come on!
Can you kick?
I can do it!
Where are you from?

Giant Level 7
Where do you live?
How do you say?
I am a robot!
Mr Octopus
What time is it? 1+ 2
Simple Past
Winter Sports

High Level 8
What sports do you play?
When is your birthday
+ Months of the year
How did you get here?
Colours & Pirates
What’s your favourite flavour?
School subjects

Incredible Level 9
What’s your favourite?
Where are you going?
What are you doing?
What do you want to do?
What do you want to be?
What do you do?
What would you like for breakfast?
Jumbo Level 10
Excuse me, are you?
I have a question!
More Questions
It’s not bad, it’s good
I’m thirsty
What would you like
for breakfast?

Kingdom Level 11
Ordering food
from A to Z
Bigger, please!
Days of the week
When? When? When?

Legend Level 12
Creepy Crawlies
Where is the spider?
Where is Mr Monkey?
Where is Baby Monkey?
Look at me!
What do you think of…?
Get well soon!

Miracle Level 13
May I borrow your …?
Phonics “i”
North, South, East, West
Phonics “u” song
Whose is it?
What did you do?
Yes, I can!

Ninja Level 14
Little Red Riding Hood
Morning Routines
& the 3 bears
Bremen Musicians
Little Riding Hood 2
Easter ...
Holidays Level
Valentine’s Day
Pancake Day
Easter Egg Hunt
Halloween Lessons
Christmas Lessons
New Year+ more ….

+ Order today and get the latest “Level 15”  lessons including:  Jar of Awesome!  She has/He has …. , Checklist!  Do you want/have/need/love it?   Baby Steps + What will you do? Future Tense!


It’s not just the amazing audio tracks in the Teacher’s Set …
Every lesson has its own warm up, music video, animated talking flashcards, classroom game & computer game to make the teaching even easier …

To make the language stick in the kids’ heads:  Full High Resolution Animations for all the songs.


To get the pronunciation 100%: The digital *animated* flashcards



To make teaching the songs even easier:   The animated mini lessons.


And finally get the language really stuck in the students’ heads with the computer games.


You get this software for every lesson in the curriculum:

Genki English takes away the stress from teaching and bring your classroom into the “A.I. Generation”.
The graphics are designed to get the kids attention, and that they do. Then with the songs and games the English sticks in their heads all day.

Everything is 100% instant downloads,  there are no CDs to wait for in the post, you get download access to everything straight away!

The Genki English Software is compatible with Windows 11, 10,8 or 7 & Mac OSX (including the latest “Sonoma” OS & latest Macs with “M1” and “M2” chips using Rosetta).

WARNING: Do not buy this pack, the songs will stick in your head all day!

+ As the Genki English music has been featured in the computer game Fortnite & Genki English has had over 9,000,000 views on Tik Tok, you’ll be the coolest teacher in school!

The computer game Fortnite used the Genki Disco Warm Up music!


Genki English lessons have over 9m views on Tik Tok – it will make you the coolest teacher in school!

Plus you also get instant access to the VIP area of the Genki English website where you’ll get exclusive access to 1,000s & 1,000s of time saving printables…

And the new “Top 50 Classroom Games” ebook
Top 50 Games

And just for the end of the year, scary Halloween and funky Christmas games & worksheets ebooks!

You also get the full collection of digital Genki English Picture Books:


Plus, to keep the parents on board, you have  special pdf “evaluation” homework books – so the parents keep up to date and the students get all the results of the action packed lessons.

All ready to download and print. It’s the eco option. No waste and no waiting.

Choose from the 1000s of pages available and pick exactly the right materials
YOU need for your lessons.

The Genki English program has been licensed by the British Council for use all over the World.

  Press Release:

“The Genki approach to learning English works by engaging all of the learners senses and appealing to a wide range of learning styles. Children are engaged visually through the simple but striking graphics, aurally/orally through the simple chants and songs and limited amounts of graded vocabulary input and kinaesthetically through the actions and games. Because all of the learning tasks are organised as game-like activities, children are immediately motivated to take part.”

– British Council Press Release


Wow!  So the students get super confident at speaking.
And what about reading?  Or maybe even writing?

Well right now, as one HUGE bonus “Expansion Pack”, you also get access to the


The fastest & easiest way to teach reading to students of any age.  Especially designed for ESL learners & co-ordinates perfectly with the Genki English speaking curriculum above.

So you get super confident speaking skills + the key reading skills of phonics.
Certified to A1/A2 level on the CEFR Framework.



Just order the Teacher’s Set now!


The Genki English Software is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8 or 7 & Mac OSX  (including the latest “Sonoma” OS & latest Macs with “M1” & “M2” chips using Rosetta).  All the MP3s are saved as “zip” files. The software is saved as a massive 1GB zip file. You simply download them, “unzip” them and you’re instantly ready to go!  And don’t worry if your computer can’t unzip files (most can), there are lots of free programs that you can download and use instantly.

Printing the minicards and worksheets is easy too, you just open the files you need and hit print. You can play all the MP3 songs on your MP3 player or iPod or burn them onto CDs to use in your class.  In no time, you can create a customized play list and program based on your favorite activities and songs.

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You won’t remember what teaching was
like before you witnessed the full effect of Genki English!

Teachers All Over the World Are Raving About Genki English! Which Of These Amazing Teachers Inspires You The Most?


“Songs are a powerful learning tool. Unfortunately most children’s songs are too difficult for EFL learners. Genki English has done a wonderful job of combining music with language children really want to use. My students remember the tunes and it helps to cement the language in their memory. The support from the site is incredible. There have been numerous times when I or other users request a song, book, activity and it magically appears on the site. I highly recommend the GE materials.”  

– Aimee, Japan

Genki English has been featured in the press around the word…

Newspapers Featuring Genki English

“Creating a sensation in English education”  – NHK World TV
Taking Primary Schools by Storm” – Daily Yomiuri Newspaper

“I have used Genki English in my ESL classroom in Indiana and am still using it now to Teach English in Taiwan! Kids love it!”

– Jill, Taiwan

“I had a student who was really uninterested in my after school classes. He used to bully the other kids as he was quite big. He also completely ignored me. Then I got Genki English and the situation changed altogether. He is now my most ardent student and became teacher’s helper without me asking. From a bully to a helper. Is that not awesome. So go ahead people buy your teachers pack and you will experience the magic.”

Dawn, Korea

“I’ve been using Genki English for almost two school years now, and I have to say it’s nothing less than amazing!”

– Susanne in Italy

“Hi, I’ve been using Genki English material for years. I can assure you it works with the kids and saves you loads of hassle in preparation. There are tons of online printouts once you have the original material and become a member.”

– Rosebud, Germany


“My students LOVE the songs and materials. They get good grades at school and have clear pronunciation. The parents LOVE seeing their children performing at Christmas and in Summer at mini-concerts. There are NO absentees in my classes-even when they have missed school that day. And the best bit? I can prepare classes in super quick time with the minimum of effort and what’s more when I’m having a less than Genki day myself these songs never fail to put a smile on my face. BUY NOW – you will not regret it”

Gen in Spain


“Genki English? Don’t even think about going near a classroom without it.”

– Chris, Okinawa


You’ll Never Have to Worry about
Creating Easy & Effective Lesson Plans Again!

Genki English has got you covered – for tomorrow, and for the rest of the term.

There isn’t really a word for “Genki” in English, but once you try these songs and lesson plan ideas in your classroom, you’ll know what it means!


  • 120+ Certified Genki English lessons all planned out and ready to go
  • All the materials you need to teach them
  • Every single sound in the English language
  • Over 400 MP3s from 15 different learning volumes
  •  Worksheet eBooks
  •  B&W Mini card eBook
  •  Illustrated Songs
  •  Talking Flashcards
  •  Animated Mini Lessons
  •  Computer Game for each theme.
  •  Permission to use the pack in a classroom setting.
  •  AND Access to the Genki English VIP Owner’s Club where you’ll find:
  •  100s of printable A4 Flash Cards,
  •  100s of printable Colour Mini Cards,
  •  Printable Picture Books,
  •  Printable “One Page” Lesson Plans
  •  Printable Bonus Card Games
  •  Bonus recipe, magic, imagination and other worksheets.
  •  Plus: Access to the Beta Test Forum where you’ll get access to the newest
    materials before they are released anywhere else!


So to recap everything you receive ….

🌟The Full Genki English Teaching Program

Complete Curriculum.  A1/A2 certified.  All ready prepared. Harvard researched.  No expensive franchise fees or license fees needed.  Lots of fun.  Instant download and ready to go.

Value: $997

🍿 Bonus 1: All the video training & lesson plans

Not sure how to teach it?  Imagine having the simplest to follow, step by step lesson plans and video training from classrooms around the world.   You’ve got it here.

Value: $997

 📝 Bonus 2: The Complete Genki Phonics Reading Program  

The fastest way to get students reading.   Designed especially for non-native speakers in a super “one page” easy to teach pdf format.

Value: $299

Bonus 3: VIP 🤫 Angels & Ninjas Discipline Training

 Get your class under control.  Without losing your sanity.  Or even saying “shhh.”

Value: $120

📝 Bonus 4: 1000s of Exclusive VIP printables  

All the bonus worksheets, workbooks, picture books and games you could possibly imagine with lifetime VIP access to the Genki English website.

Value: $299

Bonus 5: Mini Business Skills For Teachers & School Owners

Teachers shouldn’t be poor!  In this mini course I’ll teach you the business skills to take your freelance teaching or school to the next level!

Value:  $297


Community Bonus: 🏆 Personalized support in your VIP Facebook group (or via email if you’re not on Facebook!)

You’re not on your own anymore!   Ask questions about how to use worksheets or activities, make requests for new topics, give input into new lessons, even upload 5 minute video clips of your lessons to get constructive feedback on how improve them. All in a safe secure environment.   This is your new online home 🙂

Value:  1000s of peaceful sleeps

Total Value: $3009  But that’s not the price you will pay…

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This is just what you need to bring your classroom to life!

And remember none of this is tested on animals, it’s all tested on kids.

We keep changing, testing and refining all the materials to make them the best they can possibly be.

You’ll get 20 years of lesson planning from hundreds of teachers, all in this one pack!

“I have been using Genki English for about a year now and I must say it is the best I have found available for teaching young children. The songs are so lively which the children just love and of course at the same time they are learning English – wouldn’t miss them!”

– Christine, Germany

“Genki English is not just about Elementary School. My Kindergarten Teacher trainees love it too ….They get right into the actions and singing the songs in class. Also, my kindy kids get so excited”

– Wendy, Japan

Still Have Questions?

Q: How soon can I get the package?
A-Richard Almost instantly. Click on the button, fill in your details and wait for your credit card to clear. This takes a few seconds. Then we email you a special link to download the files. If the email doesn’t come straight away, check your junk mail folder. You’ll also receive a username & password you can use to access the VIP areas of the website straight away.


Q: How big are the files?
A-Richard The Songs Only file is big (1.5 GB) and takes 30 to 40 minutes to download with broadband. The Songs & Software folder is also 1.5 GB. Please make sure you have a good, fast internet connection before ordering. I’d also recommend downloading them onto a 4GB memory stick to keep them safe.


Q: Do I need to pay any license fee or expensive franchise fees to use the songs in a class?
A-Richard No. The fee to use the materials in your class is included! You don’t need to pay any other fees.

Q: Can I copy the files for my students or a co-worker?

A-Richard No. All the files are copyrighted and you may not pass them on to anyone else. However you can make print outs of the mini-cards and worksheets for your students. But not the songs nor software.

If your students would like to own the these, then if you buy the set, you can join our new homework programme where you can apply to re-sell the software onto your students gaining a commission for you or your school.

Q: Can I copy the songs for my own use?

A-Richard Yes, you can copy the songs to your mp3 player or burn them to CD for use in your own classroom. You just can’t pass them on to anyone else.

Q: Can I install the software pack on my laptop?

A-Richard Yes. The set comes with a license to use on one machine at a time, so you can copy the software onto as many machines as you personally use as long as it’s only used on one machine at once.

If you have a school and want to use the software on a server or on several machines together, please get in touch for the school “site license.”


Q: I’m a little nervous, is there a guarantee?
A-Richard Of course! I know that whenever I’m thinking about investing in something, I get a little nervous too. Especially when I promise something as big as curing discipline problems and getting (and keeping!) your kids’ attention!

I want you to know that you have nothing to worry about. I stand 100% behind the Teacher’s Set, because I created it and use it myself. If for any reason you decide it isn’t for you, just shoot me an email in the first 30 days and I’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

And you don’t even have to invest the full amount.   You can even invest with the Installment Plan, try it for 30 days and if you’re not totally over the moon with it you can ask for a refund and I’ll pay all the refund fees. I only want people to use it who are happy!

Q: Is this just for kids? Or just adults? What age group are these materials aimed at?

A-Richard Originally they were designed for, and work best for, final year of Kindergarten to 5th year of elementary school.

But many teachers have great success with children as young as 2, and even junior high school, senior high school and adult students. In fact we’re now seeing many adults learning through Genki English because it’s a lot more fun than traditional textbooks!

Q: Can I buy individual songs or a smaller set of songs?
A-Richard We don’t have any plans to offer these at the moment. When you invest in the Teacher’s Set and we release an upgraded version in the future, you will have a VIP  offer for you where you can add the new materials with a special VIP discount.

Q: Can I hear any of the songs before I buy them?

A-Richard A: Yes, of course! Just click on any of the song titles around the site. Most of the songs have demo versions you can listen to online, as well as lesson plans and lots of ideas on how to use them in class.  Plus of course check out the video at the top of this page!

Q:  Can I use Genki English with my existing materials?
A-Richard A:  
Whilst the most efficient way to use Genki English is on its own,  you can of course use it to spice up any other materials or curriculum.  Just pick the nearest Genki English lesson to what you have to teach and you’ll get all that Genki energy and learning in your classes!   Eventually you’ll probably come round and use the full Genki curriculum but using it with your existing materials can be a great way to start. 🙂

Q: Can I use this to teach myself or my child at home?
A: Yes indeed! With the software pack there is a 3 step way of doing this.

Step 1 is to play the computer games to learn the English.
Step 2 is to sing the songs to help remember the English.
Step 3 is to print out minicards from the website to use the English with family and friends!

Q: How do I invest in the Genki English Teacher’s Set?
A-Richard You can use a credit or debit card from anywhere in the world. And don’t worry, it’s so secure and we don’t see your credit card details, everything is handled by If your school wishes to invest by check or Money Order, you can do that with this order form from


“Thanks for making my life OH SO EASY. I almost do not have to stay up late and plan a lesson anymore. I wake up, grab my USB and I’m out the door.”

– Frank, Guangzhou, China

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“The kids love the songs and I love using the songs.  I highly recommend Genki English!”

– Excerpt from Yahoo Answers.

“I bought the Teacher’s Set and … I highly recommend Genki English because you will have fun, the kids will too and the teachers will praise you”

– Excerpt from Yahoo Answers



Genki English is THE proven & HARVARD RESEARCHED program that will have your students learning English easily and naturally. No other program out there offers the same support, or results, as my Genki English system.


Not sure if the full Instant Download Songs & Software Package is right for you? That’s okay.
You can easily spread the cost over 6 months with the Installment Plan.

Go on, treat yourself today and see how much your students can really learn!

Warning: The full pay price is abnormally low right now because of the exchange rates. I have a feeling they will go back up very soon, so if you want it at this much lower price then it’s best to order it today!  

Easy Installment Plan 6 x $89
⭐️ Download everything you need to teach Genki English
🔥 All the Songs & Software
🍿 All the Lesson Plans + Video Training
📝Full License to use in your School or Classroom
🎉 All the Expansion Packs
🔑 Lifetime VIP Access to the Website
😊 Harvard Researched & Ready to go!
🌟 Pay Monthly Over 6 Months!


           NEW:  We now have Apple Pay & Google Pay available too & in China Alipay.

Q: I know this is a little cheeky and this is amazing already, but is there any way to get any extra discount?
A-Richard  We can do better than that!  Once you purchase your Teachers Set you can then apply to sell the software to your own students adding your own commission.  You get amazing results in class plus a whole new income stream for you and your family.   Now how does that sound? So order your Teacher’s Set today 🙂