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Last Person Standing Game!
Target Grade:1-6
Target English: Anything!

This is a short game (although if they enjoy it it can last quite a while if you want it to!). It is closely related to the Criss Cross Game.

1. Make sure the kids are sat at their desks in the usual rows and columns pattern.

2. Tell one column (from front to back line) to stand up. The other kids remain seated.

3. Ask a question. (what's this? How old are you?)

4. Only the kids that are standing can answer the questions. If they know the answer they put their hand up

5. Ask one kid with their hand up the answer. If they are correct they can sit down.

6 Keep going until there is only one kid stood up.

7. Now the row ( the kids sat left, right, left but one, right but one etc.) that the standing kid belongs to stands up.

8. Repeat from step 3.

9. Keep alternating between rows of kids (sideways) and columns (back to front).

This is a good game. Don't explain all the rules at the beginning, just play it at the kids will get it as you go along. Its a real incentive to answer questions and not sit silently doing nothing!!

Readers Comments

by Rebecca

This game changed a group of surly, pubescent second year JH girls into a smiley, screaming fun-loving bunch who wouldn't let the game finish!  We played for about 20 minutes.  Problems were me running out of simple questions and a few of the "different" girls who refused to answer and their row/column felt unfairly disadvantaged.  Obviously these could be prevented by preparing lots of questions in advance and maybe having everyone move one seat to their right after 5/10 questions.

Have a look at this page of questions - Richard

Readers Comments

This game worked fantastically for my eager 4-6 graders & even my dead-to-the-world middle schoolers. The issue with the younger ones is that they want to be the row to stand up & answer. So they would purposely not answer so their row/column could stand again. So, I did it backwards: The student who raised their hand first was the row/column that stood up next (but I still had the other students in their row/column answer before having the next row/column to stand) - Andrea


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