Game in Japanese

The Lines Quiz

Target Grade: Elementary 1 to Junior High 3
Target English: Questions and vocab practice

This is a cool little warm up game!

1. Split the class into two groups. One lines up on the left side, one on the right.

2. You ask the front kid in each group a question.

3. The first one to answer correctly gets to sit down. The other goes to the back of his/her team.

4. The winning team is the first where everyone is sat down!

Make sure the questions come thick and fast. Examples include "What's your name?" "How old are you" "What's this?" "What colour is this?" etc. etc. Here is a list of questions suitable for Junior High School and Elementary School.

The magic of this game is that it gets the kids used to hearing questions and responding straight away, without all the customary "errr, ehhh" type pauses! It also let's the kids distinguish between "How are you?" and "How old are you?" and is a great way to pick up which themes need reviewing and which ones are OK.

If you find out some kids can't take the pressure of being the only kid standing, you can time each round ( say for 2 minutes ) and count how many kids are sat down. ( Thanks to Ben for this tear saving tip!)

This game is also great in Junior High, where all the kids want to sit down. Sometimes in Elementary School they want to lose just so that they'll get to go again!!

Readers' Comments

This is a great idea! I've been struggling to find someway to review my students' work on a regular basis. This will work like a treat. -  Thomas

I use this game in the situation where you get a lot of students saying "eigo wakaranai" ("I don't understand English). I tend to say a word which most students know in japanese and then I get the students to translate it the student who says the word in english first wins. This also makes for a great warm up. - Gareth


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